7 H.Target

7 H.Target

Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Origin: Russia
Status: Active

7 H. Target is a three piece brutal death metal band from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. They started under the name Surgeont in 2005, however in 2010 Aleksey (guitars), Mikhail (drums) and Konstantin (bass, vocals) decided to change the name to 7 H. Target. Konstantin performed vocals on 7HT's first release, the EP titled Japan Body Hammer however since then they have used session vocalist Ramon Mercado on their other 2 releases; the 2011 EP Electric Tools for Electric Human and their newest LP released in February 2012 Fast-Slow Demolution. They also released a compilation of early demos and their first 2 EPs called Demolgy in August 2012.


Studio albums
- Fast-Slow Demolition (2012)
- Psy Slam Damage (2013)
- 0.00 Apocalypse (2014)

- Japan Body Hammer (2010)
- Electric Tools for Electric Human (2011)

- Demolgy (2012)


Current members:
Konstantin Korolev - Bass (2010-present), Vocals (2010-2016)
Alexey Menshov - Guitars (2010-2014, 2015-present)
Vladislav Vorozhtsov - Drums (2015-present)
Dmitriy Zolontsov - Vocals (2016-present)

Past members:
Mikhail Panfilov - Drums (2010-2015)

7 H.Target

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