Against the Plagues

Against the Plagues

Genre: Melodic Black/Death Metal
Origin: United States
Status: On hold

In the Fall of 2005, Chicago musicians Adrian Adamus (FOREST OF IMPALED, CORPHAGY) and Varyen (DAMNATION, FOREST OF IMPALED) began working on the foundation of a new genuine full-time band.

While wanting to achieve diversity in sound and uniting different styles, the musicians determined to preserve the primordial aggression and extremity, as well as the mysticism and romanticism, which has always been an intrinsic part of the music they created.

After a few months of compositional work they accomplished four complete songs, closing by that the instrumental part of the first stage.

In order to enrich the compositions and endow them with a spiritual and magical dimension, Varyen and Adrian contacted a versatile keyboard player, Martin Widel (LOSS OF REVERENCE), who quickly found himself in the formation's dark and exposing, yet optimistic and empowering style, gracing the music in just that desirable way.

Shortly after that, the band invited composer, guitarist and producer Wojtek Lisicki, known in the metal scene as a vital force behind bands like LOST HORIZON and LUCIFERION, to cooperate in the project. The aim of involving him in the formation was to strengthen it with his unique style of executing, producing and creating music.

After acquainting himself with the musicians' arrangements and original ideas related to the formation, Wojtek reacted in a very euphoric way to the whole concept, underlining the diversity, open-mindedness, creativity close to his own and seriousness of the enterprise. Ultimately, this resulted in the definitive decision to engage a permanent participation in the rising band as a lead guitarist and supporting vocalist.

His addition, greatly contributed to the development of the visage and sound of the band, as well as in the creative proces of writing lyrics and vocal arrangements.

Through an intensive search for a suitable vocalist, who would consolidate the band, the musicians engaged the collaboration with the ambitious and creative vocalist Logan Perez. His mystical and charismatic voice aided in revealing the dramaturgy and magic of the compositions.

After assembling the full line-up, the band collectively engaged in meticulous work and eventually established a final, definite form to the four songs previously written.

At the present moment, total focus is concentrated on creating and perfecting the remaining material for the debut album.

The demonstrational songs, available in the "Music" section on this site, appropriately signify the band's potential, exposing great passion and commitment to music and the exploration of life's mysteries...


Studio albums
- The Architecture of Oppression  (2007)
- Decoding the Mainframe  (2010)
- Purified Through Devastation  (2015)

- The Quaternion  (2012)
- Extermination Event  (2015)


Current members:
Varyen - Drums (2005-2016)
Milo Kovačević - Bass (2013-2016)
Shaun Albro - Vocals (2013-2016)
Aaron Covarrubias - Guitars (2014-2016)

Past members:
Orlando Logan Olivero - Bass (2005-2008), Vocals (2005-2013)
Adrian Adamus - Guitars (2005-2010)
Wojtek Lisicki - Guitars (lead), Vocals (2005-2011)
Marco Martell - Bass (2008-2010), Guitars (2010-2014)
Novy - Bass (2011-2013)
Mike Maselbas - Guitars (2014)
Aaron Nobles - Guitars (2014-2015)
Jon Corston - Guitars (2015-2016)

Against the Plagues

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