Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Origin: France
Status: Active

AGRESSOR is THE precursor of the French Thrash/Death Metal.

Born in 1986, Agressor is now the pioneer of this music style and will influence many bands in France as well as Europe. The same year, the band records his first demo, " The Merciless Onslaught " which was well received in the underground Metal scene and launched the band worldwide.

In 1987 was released " Satan Sodomy ", the second demo which the artwork made sensation because of a strong touch of sex and Black Metal.

Then Agressor starts gigs in France and Switzerland especially with Messiah, Samael, Sodom and Living Death.

With the Split LP "Licensed To Thrash", by the side of Loudblast, Agressor released the 1st French Thrash Metal record ever made on 1988.

First French band ever to be signed on an international label, Agressor, few months after the fall of the Berlin wall, records "Neverending Destiny" at Skytrak studio produced by the Bathory producer and out on Noise Records. This album foist at the time as innovating because of the lyrics more into Sci-Fi than the trendy occult and gore, but also by the artwork designed by the famous French painter/drawner of the 70ies Philippe Druillet ("Les Aventures de Lone Sloane", "La Nuit"..). This album was well received all over the world because of the original mix (for this time) of brutal Thrash and technical Death (the style didn't exist yet) which send the band at the front of the scene.

2 years after, in 1992, when it was released, "Towards Beyond" made sensation. Recorded in Sweden at Montezuma studio produced by The Boss himself (Bathory) and out on Black Mark Prod., it mixes medieval music and technical Death, Thrash riffs and ultra-heavy theme with a real deep sound, this album foist as the best Death metal surprise of the year 1992 but also the best album released by a French band this year.

The Agressor side of the LP "Licensed To Thrash", was re-released in 1993 by Black Mark Prod. on MCD under the name of "Satan Sodomy".

With "Symposium Of Rebirth" en 1994, Agressor goes forward in their style, being faithful to their roots, but also exploring new terrain including working with the Opera de Lyon Choirs was even hired for the recording and also featuring Barney Greenway, Napalm Death singer on a Terrorizer cover.This album alternate acoustic medieval tracks, with pure Death brutality, opera choirs and blast-beats, motion picture music cover and an amazing technical skill for that time.

The band goes on with tours and gigs with bands such as: Sinister, Wargasm, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Pestilence and Biohazard.

After their U.K. tour with Cradle Of Filth in June 96, Alex started working for Black Mark and also became an official endorsed Ibanez guitarist

Due to all these activities, Agressor is only back in 2000 with "Medieval Rites", recorded with appearances by several musicians: a flutist, a violonist, trumpeters, an opera female singer, plus some guest appearances by some figures of the European Metal scene : Krell and Christina from Bloodthorn, Morten Nielsen (-ex Mercyful Fate drummer), Kai Hahto (Rotten Sound, Enochian Crescent).

Will follow a tour with Bloodthorn, …and Oceans and the MCD "The Spirit Of Evil" containing a rom track with two videos recorded in Marseille en 2000 during a concert with Mayhem and featuring James Murphy from Testament/Death...

On January 2002, the band organises an anniversary gig at the Midem in Cannes with the video, released on DVD, goes with the new album "Deathreat" out in 2006 on Season of Mist. This album means to be the most brutal and fastest the band has ever recorded renewing like this with his extremes roots after a 20 years career.

Alex, the band's leader, is as active as always and one may find him performing at the sides of bands such as: Loudblast, Anorexia Nervosa, Bloodthorn, is especially sponsored by Ibanez and gives Masters Class lessons at the well-known Music Academy Int. of Nancy.

Joël has reformed his former Thrash band: Outburst where he plays guitar.

Romain has collaborated with several bands such as: Belef, Imperial Sodomy and now Disavoued.

Pierrick, who just joins the band, plays guitar/vocal in Phazm and sings in Scarve. He's been endorsed by Ibanez after being promotion-major of Music Academy Int.

With their Death-Thrash Metal blend with a Black Metal touch, Agressor has the standing of an innovating and original band and draw respect from their peers in Europe and abroad.


Studio albums
- Neverending Destiny  (1990)
- Towards Beyond  (1992)
- Symposium of Rebirth  (1994)
- Medieval Rites  (1999)
- Deathreat  (2006)

- The Merciless Onslaught  (1986)
- Satan's Sodomy  (1987)
- Rehearsal of Death  (1987)
- Mixed Rehearsal  (1988)
- Orbital Distortion  (1989)

- Satan's Sodomy  (1993)
- The Spirit of Evil  (2001)

- Licensed to Thrash  (1987)

- The Merciless Onslaught  (2004)


Current members:
Alex Colin-Tocquaine - Guitars, Vocals (1986-present)
Joel Guigou - Bass (1990-present)
Kévin Paradis - Drums (2014-present)
Kevin Verlay - Guitars (2014-present)

Past members:
J.M. "Momo" Libeer - Bass, Vocals (backing) (1986-1988)
Jean-Luc "Destroy" Falsini - Drums (1986-1988)
Laurent Luret - Bass (1988-1991)
Thierry Pinck - Drums (1988-1991)
Patrick Gibelin - Guitars (1990-1992)
Stéphane Guégan - Drums (1991-1994)
Manu Ragot - Guitars (1994)
Gorgor - Drums (2000-2003, 2011-2014)
Adramelech - Guitars (2000-2007)
Romain Goulon - Drums (2003-2008)
Pierrick Valence - Guitar (2007-2014)


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