Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Finland
Status: Active

Ajattara formed in 1996 as a side project of Amorphis singer Pasi Koskinen. Their first release was a demo tape entitled Helvetissä on syntisen taivas which was released in 1998. The band then signed to Spikefarm Records and went on to release three albums - Itse in 2001, Kuolema in 2003 and Tyhjyys in 2004. These albums were met with largely good reviews. Ajattara then went on to release a Christmas Single in the Novembers of 2004 and 2005, which is a tradition they have done for the last three years. They were entitled Ilon juhla (2004) and Joulu (2005). The band then went on to release another album in 2006, entitled Äpäre, which was met with similar reviews as their last three albums. The band continued with the Christmas single tradition of 2004 and 2005 by releasing a single entitled Sika in 2006.

The band entered the studio on 1 June 2007 to begin recording on the album Kalmanto which was released on 5 September 2007. However, this album was not met with such good reviews as Ajattara's other albums, as some critics said the album sounded chaotic and forced. In April 2009 Ajattara released their 6th album entitled Noitumaa, this time being an all-acoustic album, which received clearly better reviews than the previous release.

The band made an announcement on its Facebook page on 15 April 2012 that it had split up, reasons are unknown.

On 23 March 2016 the band made an announcement on their Facebook page that they will be playing at the Norwegian Blastfest in February 2017. Shortly after, on 9 May 2016, Pasi Koskinen has announced the reunion of the band, announcing further live dates including Nummirock 2016 in Finland and Satans Convention 2017 in Germany.


Studio albums
- Itse (2001)
- Kuolema (2003)
- Tyhjyys (2004)
- Äpäre (2006)
- Kalmanto (2007)
- Noitumaa (2009)
- Murhat (2011)
- Lupaus (2017)

- Helvetissä on syntisen taivas (1996)

- Ilon juhla (2004)
- Joulu-single 2005 (2005)
- Sika (2006)
- Tulppaani (2007)

- Joululevy (2009)


Current members:
Ruoja - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (1996-2012, 2016-present)
Tohtori Kuolio - Bass, Vocals (backing) (2007-2012, 2016-present)
Kalmos - Guitars, Vocals (backing) (2007-2012, 2016-present)
Raajat - Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (2007-2012, 2016-present)
Tartunta - Guitars (2009-2012, 2016-present)
Malakias 6,8 - Drums (2011-2012, 2016-present)

Past members:
Orpo - Drums
Ismonster - Guitars
Samuel Lempo - Guitars
Ikkala - Keyboards
Akir Kalmo - Keyboards
Atoni - Bass (1996-2007)
Malakias I - Drums (1996-2003)
Malakias II - Drums (2003-2004)
Malakias III - Drums (2004-2007)
Irstas - Keyboards (2004-2007)
Malakias IV - Drums (2007-2011) (R.I.P. 2012)


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