Genre: Black/Death Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

Anagnorisis, derived from a Greek word meaning "self-realization", is a blackened death metal band from Louisville, Kentucky. After releasing their debut full-length Overton Trees in 2007, the band completed extensive touring of the US.

Their latest collection of songs, Alpha And Omega, was released in 2009 and represents the irreligious and inexorable force of Anagnorisis; a statement demonstrated through their uncompromising live show and intensely professional caliber.

The band's already classically-influenced but forward-thinking approach to black metal ventures into new territories, culminating in their latest work, Beyond All Light.


Studio albums
- Overton Trees  (2007)
- Beyond All Light  (2013)
- Peripeteia  (2016)

- Alpha and Omega  (2009)
- Ghosts of Our Fathers  (2012)


Current members:
Zachary Kerr - Bass (2004-2012), Vocals (2013-present)
Zak Denham - Guitars (2005-present)
Samuel Hartman - Keyboards (2007-present)
Josh Mumford - Bass (2012-present)

Past members:
Austin Lunn - Guitars, Vocals (2003-2008)
Adam Pierce - Drums (2004-2009)
Will Byerly - Guitars (2004)
Jake Denham - Drums (2008)
Nathan Bowling - Vocals (2008-2009)
Chris Smith - Drums (2010-2014)


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