Anima Damnata

Anima Damnata

Genre: Brutal Death/Black Metal
Origin: Poland
Status: Active

ANIMA DAMNATA was formed towards the end of 1996, whence a four-member union ushered in the first works, completely different in style of those current. Within two years the first demo was cut, unfortunately this work never saw the life of day. Shortly thereafter the band kicked out the guitar and bass player. Since they could not fit the image of A.D. and their musical techniques left a lot to be desired. During this absence the two remaining members continued on the work and kept the band alive, writing the majority of new works.

The beginning of 2000 A.D. added Glaca on vocals. Within months the remaining void was filled with the addition of guitarist -Necrosodomic Corpse Molestator. With this line up the band was able to perform concerts. Although still without a bass player A.D. performed along with Hypnos, Devilyn, Damnable and Disgorge (Mex.). Internal strife of A.D. culminated with the departure of Glaca. Necrosodomic Corpse Molestator then replaced him on vocals. In May 2001 bassist Nocturnal Harvester of Christian Lambs and a Great Messenger of Subliminal Satanic Messages joined the trio. Three months later A.D. is performing concerts with Behemoth and Napalm Death.

In the beginning of October the official demo entitled "Suicidal Allegiance Upon the Sacrificial Altar of Sublime Evil and Eternal Sin" is recorded. The intense and violent Death/Black Metal featured on the demo gained interest of Pagan Records to whom ANIMA DAMNATA signed in 2002. In the fall of the very year their split album with THRONEUM was released, entitled "Gods of Abhorrence".

After that, in Summer of 2003 ANIMA DAMNATA entered a famous "Hertz" Studio to record a first full-lenght album titled "Agonizing Journey Through The Burning Universe and Transcedental Ritual of Transfiguration". This material was released in the end of 2003 and once againi brought a solid dose of chaotic & extreme music.


Studio albums
- Agonizing Journey Through the Burning Universe and Transcendental Ritual of Transfiguration  (2003)
- Atrocious Disfigurement of the Redeemer's Corpse at the Graveyard of Humanity  (2007)

- Reh 2001  (2001)
- Suicidal Allegiance upon the Sacrificial Altar of Sublime Evil and Eternal Sin  (2001)

- Tormenting Pale Flesh of the Syphilic Holy Whore  (2005)

- Gods of Abhorrence  (2002)


Current members:
Master of Depraved Dreaming and Emperor of the Black Abyss the Great Lord H - Drums (1996-present)
Necrosodomic Corpse Molestator - Guitars, Vocals (2000-present)
Apocalyptic Profanator of the Holy Laws, The Supreme Ruler of Abominations - Guitars (2013-present)
The Mighty Initiatior of Barbarous Rituals, Herald of Heathen Fire - Bass (2015-present)

Past members:
Bestial Crusher of Holy Prophets - Guitars (1996-2004)
Glaca - Vocals (2000-2001)
Nocturnal Harvester of Christian Lambs and a Great Messenger of Subliminal - Bass (2001-2004)
Necrosadistic Pavulon Injector and Ritual Devourer of Unborn Angelic Flesh - Bass (2005-?)

Anima Damnata

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