Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Origin: Brazil
Status: Active

ANMOD started activities in 2005 by the ashes of Fornication, an important and well known death metal band from southern Brazil. Fornication started back in 1996, released 2 albums ("Descendants of Degenerated Race" through Black Hole Productions - Brazil in 2003, and "Unleashed Wrath" through Brutalized Records - Colombia in 2004). Fornication also recorded "Regurgitated Guts" from mighty Death, included in "Together As One - A tribute To Death", released by Mondongo Canibale Productions from Spain in 2003.

In 2004 Fornication went to Europe to start "Unleashing Wrath Over Europe Tour 2004". The 3 months tour, through 9 countries (Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary and Czech Republic) was totally succeful.

After the tour, Gerson Watanabe (guitars), Hernan Oliveira (bass/vocals) and Johnny R.R. (drums) decided to leave Fornication and started to compose new songs. That was the beginning of ANMOD, in 2005.

Since we didn't hear any news about the band in the last 3 years, we think Fornication is R.I.P. since 2005.

ANMOD style is a little bit different from Fornication. We added some grindcore influences to all songs, but you will find something from death metal for sure. Death metal and grindcore are mandatory on ANMOD's songwriting.


Studio albums
- Monstrosity per Defectum (2008)
- Inner Upheavals (2016)


Current members:
Hernan Oliveira - Bass, Vocals (2005-present)
Johnny R.R. - Drums (2005-present)
Alex W.A. - Guitars (2015-present)

Past members:
Gerson Watanabe - Guitars (2005-2015)


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