Ass to Mouth

Ass to Mouth

Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Origin: Poland
Status: Active

ATM was founded in December 2004 with a line-up consisting of: Sandro - vocals, Jarek - bass/vocals, Maciek - guitar, and Pablo - drums. During the first 3 years of activity the band had played over 50 shows in Poland and abroad, including tours with Ahumado Granujo and Epitome, Parricide, Squash Bowels, Jig-Ai and Neuropathia. ATM also appeared on cyclic events such as Fekal Party and Napalm Over Warsaw. In November 2006 band have self-released it's first MCD "Asses For The Masses".

In the middle of 2007 Sandro has been replaced by Jankes on vocals and the band quickly recorded 5 songs for 7" split with Jig-Ai (which was finally released as a 10" in 2011 by Bizarre Leprous Prod. from Czech Rep). ATM was still intensively playing live, including European tour after releasing their first full length LP "Kiss Ass" at Lifestage Productions in 2008, Ukrainian tour along with Epicrise, appearances on European festivals such as Obscene Extreme in Czech Rep., SWR Metalfest in Portugal, Arsch Cholio in Germany, Death By Thousand Cuts in Czech Rep., and numerous shows in Europe.

At the beginning of 2009 Jankes left ATM and the whole following year band was existing as a 3-piece, occasionally supported on vocals by Prosiak (ex-Parricide) during their shows with Epicirse in Poland, Germany, Austria and Czech Rep. In April 2010 Kuba (ex - Self-hate, ex- Toxic Bonkers) joins the band as a vocalist, and the band starts to work hard on their second full length LP. During next 4,5 years, ATM played a lot of shows in Poland, Czech Rep., Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. 2014 was a time for the band's new record "Degenerate", that showed their progress and refreshed view on their sound, that now became more sharp and punk influenced. "DEGENERATE" was released on CD - Selfmadegod Rercords, LP - co-operation between Fat Ass Records, Grindfather Productions, Grindpromotion Records and Addiciton To War Records. Grindfater Productions also released "Degenerate" tape version.
In may 2015, Kuba left ATM, and until the middle of 2015, the band was again existing as a 3-piece, writting some new songs. Concert activity was suspended, until november 2016, when ATM found new vocalist - Furman, and started to play shows again.

Until now the band have played more then 130 shows in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands and Belgium.


Studio albums
- Kiss Ass (2008)
- Degenerate (2014)

- Asses for the Masses (2006)

- Jig-ai / Ass to Mouth (2011)


Current members:
Vanilla Jarek - Bass, Vocals (2004-present)
Pablo - Drums (2004-present)
Maciek - Guitars (2004-present)
Qboot - Vocals (2010-present)

Past members:
Sandro - Vocals (2004-2007)
Jankes - Vocals (2007-2008)

Ass to Mouth

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