Birth of Depravity

Birth of Depravity

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Origin: Greece
Status: Active

Birth Of Depravity is a Brutal Death Metal band from Greece, formed by Theo in 2005, parallel Liakos(The Almighty Fischermen) joined for vocals. After some general difficulties and line up changes, on November 2007, Jim joined the band on drums....On the end of July 2008 Liakos left the band. On 2-3 August 2008 Theo and Jim entered the "Studio Live" and recorded 2 songs for releasing the "Promo 2008", vocals recorded one month later by Greg(ex-Comatose, Spliff) who joined for vocals. Parallel the band was practicing and writing new tracks for their debut album. On 17 June 2010, Birth Of Depravity gave their first gig in Lixouri festival at TEI of Kefalonia in Greece. Meanwhile the band was preparing to enter the studio and record their first full-length album entitled "The Coming of the Ineffable". At the end of October 2010, the band entered the "Block 33" studio in Thessaloniki Greece, with sound engineer their good friend Thanasis Papaefthimiou, also known from Extreme Violence, to record 10 tracks for the album. On December 2011 the band dealed with Russian Death Metal label, Anopsys Records, to release the debut album "The Coming of the Ineffable" in CD format in early 2012 with a co-operation by Russian Inherited Suffering Records. On 19/10/2012 the band played as headliners their second gig in 7 Sins club in Athens Greece. The band continued writing new material and practicing for the 2nd Birth Of Depravity album. On 12/03/2016 Birth Of Depravity played to the 5th Greek Death Grind Scene Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece, among with other bands. 2 months later the band entered the Infected Studios in Leivadia Greece, to record the 2nd full-length album entitled "From Obscure Domains", with producer and sound engineer George Stournaras known from Mass Infection. Mix and mastering was finished at mid of December 2016. The album is released in CD format, early 2017 from Indonesian Brutal Death Metal label Dismembered Records. Currently the band is working on new tracks.


Studio albums
- The Coming of the Ineffable  (2012)
- From Obscure Domains  (2017)

- Promo 2008  (2008)


Current members:
Theo - Bass, Guitars (2005-present)
Mitch - Drums (2007-present)
Greg - Vocals (2008-present)

Past members:
Liakos - Vocals (2005-2008)

Birth of Depravity

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