Blind Stare

Blind Stare

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Finland
Status: Active

Blind Stare was formed in 1999 by the guitarists Anders Öström, Heikki Raisio and drummer Henry Valkonen. Soon after that bass player Tuomas joined the group.

At spring 2001 Eino joined the band as vocalist. At the time Blind Stare was playing melodic metal with melodeath influences. At the dusk 2001 Sakari joined us as a keyboard player and the music was changing to more epic melodeath.

After 3 months of that, without any rehearsal Eino, Anders and Sakari decided that it would be better if Henry, Heikki and Tuomas were no longer part of the band.

Jaakko joined the group right away as a guitar player and rehearsals took part again and Anders started to wrote much better songs than before. Soon after that Blind Stare recruited Timo as drummer and Kalle as bass player.

October 2002 the band recorded "Ender" demo-CD. After that it has been songwriting and rehearsal mostly, few gigs coming up soon and studio is also booked at August 2003.

August 2003. "Once a True Story" demo was recorded and published. With "OaTS" the band starts to get some underground reputation and good reviews also more gig offers. New songs coming up, even better again.

Between May and August 2004 the band recorded a new demo entitled "The Reborn Genius" (demo of the month in the wellknown finnish metal website

In October 2004 Blind Stare signs a deal with Arise Records. First result will be the recording of the Blind Stare´s debut album on X-Mas 2004/January 2005 to be released in April 2005. One of the most impressive newcomer bands from the finnish scene in the last years!

Recordings of the debut album titled "Symphony of Delusions" have been finished, at the Noisecamp/Musamuusa studios. It took two and a half months altogether, and definetly was worth it. Blind Stare has created a fresh package of melodic deathmetal with fantastic orchestral and synthetic sound worlds without forgetting the rawness of deathmetal. The CD will come with great illustrations by Jan Yrlund from Danse Macabre. Meanwhile three of the guys are doing their mandatory military service. No more hair!

Again, Blind Stare faced another quiet era in its history when Timo, Kalle, Jaakko and Zacharias had to go through their mandatory military service. The year was 2005 and except for few gigs in Turku, nothing happened. During this period the band was preparing new songs for the second album Arise Recods was about to publish. But something happened at the end of 2005. Arise Records wasn't able to release any more new albums. So, the record contract had to be canceled which was a great disappointment to Blind Stare. But like the old saying goes, "What does not kill you only makes you stronger". And Blind Stare surely didn't die!

Eventually the band got the last guy, Jaakko, out of the Finnish defense forces. Shortly after that, a new two-song rehearsal tape was made and it was supposed to get only in the hands of gig bookers. In spite of that, it was also sent to some record companies that might be interested in Blind Stare's musical style. The fans have continuously asked when the second album comes out.

In 2006 Zacharias called it a quit. Blind Stare wasn't one of his top priorities any more, and he decided not to continue further. However, this decision didn't affect the personal chemistries between him and the other band members. In the year 2007 Tuomas found us and joined Blind Stare with great enthusiasm and boy did that serve us well!

The long waiting ended when 'Promo 2009 / Demo 2009' was released to media and few chosen pieces ended up on our website in August. At the moment Blind Stare is eagerly and very swiftly producing new material for our next studio album. The search for the record label continues but we will definitely not stay quiet. With fresh attitude and renewed image we are possibly stronger than ever. Watch out.


Studio albums
- Symphony of Delusions  (2005)
- The Dividing Line  (2012)

- Collapsing Dreamworlds  (2002)
- Demo 2002  (2002)
- Ender  (2002)
- Once a True Story  (2003)
- The Reborn Genius  (2004)
- Promo 2009 / Demo 2009  (2009)


Current members:
Anders Öström - Guitars (1999-present)
Eino Tuominen - Vocals (2001-present)
Timo Palokankare - Drums (2002-present)
Jaakko Lehtinen - Guitars, Vocals (Clean) (2002-present)
Tuomas Riihimäki - Keyboards (2007-present)
Ossi Elonen - Bass (2010-present)

Past members:
Tuomas Kant - Bass (?-2002)
Henry Valkonen - Drums (1999-2002)
Heikki Raisio - Guitars (1999-2002)
Zacharias E. Aarnio - Keyboards (2001-2006)
Kalle Lahti - Bass (2002-2010)

Blind Stare

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