Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Finland
Status: Active

Convulse current lineup features the band's original vocalist, guitarist and bass player, and their brand of classic old-school death metal still sounds like it's 1991. With a new full length album scheduled for autumn 2013, this is the first recorded material by Convulse since their demise in the mid-Nineties.

"Our new material has a strong old-school death metal feel to it, and the band is tighter than ever before," says Convulse guitarist/vocalist Rami Jämsä. "When recording, we concentrated on the energy brought on by playing everything live — no triggers or Pro Tools. Nothing beats a well-rehearsed band playing live, be it on stage or in the studio."

One of the most memorable pioneers of the first wave of Finnish death metal, Convulse were there in 1990 with bands such as Xysma, Disgrace and Abhorrence to create the scene which was to become legendary.

Formed in 1988 under the name S.D.S., Convulse first release was the"Resuscitation Of Evilness" demo cassette in 1990. The success of the demo led to a deal with the French record label Thrash Records, which released the band's first full-length album, "World Without God". A CD-single, "Lost Equilibrium", followed in 1993 via Relapse Records, after which CONVULSE prepared to record its second album, "Reflections". The group travelled to Sunlight Studios in Sweden and laid down the effort in a one-week period. The following year (1993) was dedicated to Convulse members performing their mandatory military service in Finland, which delayed the release of "Reflections" until the summer of 1994 (also through Relapse). An attempt to regroup in support of the CD ended "with poor results," and after serious discussions, a decision was made to put Convulse to rest.

After an 18-year break, Convulse returned in 2012 and played a few comeback shows in Finland. In addition, the band has already been confirmed to play Maryland Deathfest 2013, with more live appearances in the works.


Studio albums
- World Without God  (1991)
- Reflections  (1994)
- Evil Prevails  (2013)
- Cycle of Revenge  (2016)

- Rehearsal  (1990)
- Resuscitation of Evilness  (1990)
- Promo 1992  (1992)

- Lost Equilibrium  (1993)
- Inner Evil  (2013)

- Days of Death  (2013)


Current members:
Juha Telenius - Bass (1990-1994, 2012-present)
Rami Jämsä - Vocals, Guitars (1990-1994, 2012-present)
Rolle Markos - Drums (2012-present)

Past members:
Perttu Lind - Drums
Juppo Paavola - Drums
Kimmo Häkkilä - Guitars
Aki Yli-Salomäki - Vocals
Janne Miikkulainen - Drums (1990-1994)
Jani Kuhanen - Guitars (1990-1991) (R.I.P. 1992)
Toni Honkala - Guitars (1991-1994)
Kristian Kangasniemi - Guitars (2012-2014)


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