Coram Lethe

Coram Lethe

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Origin: Italy
Status: Active

The band was set up in August '99 by Mirco Borghini (vocals) and Leonardo Fusi (guitar). Mirco was a member of the first line-up of Italian black-metallers Lachryma Christi, Leonardo played in Tuscan trashers Spleen, with whom he taped some demo-tapes ("Undfaithfull Trone" 1991, "Spleen" 1993, "Promo-tape 1995" 1995, "Sotto zero" 1998). The project is joined by Francesco Miatto (drums), ex-drummer of Lachryma Christi (with whom he made "In Madness I Wander" demo in 1995). During the September of the same year Giacomo Occhipinti (bass) joins the band (ex-member of Utopia). Since then the band has been looking for a guitarist, but so far without success.

The original will was to create extreme music without mental barriers, staying anyway in the Metal genre. After some live exhibitions, where the band got the right feeling, they decided to realize their first self-producted CD with the title of "REMINISCENCE". The CD was recorded and mixed from 31/03 to 04/04/2000 in the GRM Studio of Certaldo (FI), by Marco Viciani (who worked also with Eldritch). The CD obtains great responses from the metal magazines. For example in October 2000 it was the "Demo of the Month" in "PSYCHO", with the excerpt "Heeding Your Heroes (Spill Blood)" of the compilation included with the magazine.

In a word, all the copies produced were sold out, and so the band started to become more and more well-known. Subsequently, the group has concentrated on live performances, with a series of concerts in different parts of Italy. Not to be forgotten moments include that of being supporting band for Tankard and their participation in the official tribute to Chuck Schuldiner with the cover of Symbolic. Coram Lethe also play with Stormlord, Node, Shadows of Steel, Handful of Hate, Dammercide, Arkenemy and many others, finding great aclaim whereever they play. In the meanwhile the group is concentrating its time on the composition of new songs. In December 2001 the four group members signed a pre-contract with Negatron Rec. (Dammercide, Glacial Fear, Iblis etc.) in order to find foreign distributors and promote their material better.

All of this took time and sometimes held up the production of new material, until finally there was a consensus of opinion to separate from the afore-mentioned label. Successive personal problems of some band members which were not connected to the musical sphere put the survival of Coram Lethe in serious jeopardy, but the strong ties between the four members and their belief in their music and style overcame these obstacles and they came back stronger than ever In fact they also made the decision to join up with the well-known Paso (Ephel Duath) in order to create new material.

The recording sessions were at Fear Studio in Alfonsine (RA) and Studio 73 in Ravenna, between July and February 2004. The result is a 10 tracks album, from which a 4 track promo cd is made to search a recording contract.Meanwhile Francesco (guitar, already in Hellwrath and author of one-man-band Impherya) joins the band, fixing definitively the line-up.In March 2004 Coram Lethe reach an agreement with British label Rage of Achilles, for the release of two albums. The partnership ends after a few months for internal label's problems that has taken ROA to the end of their activity.

In September 2004 Coram Lethe sign a three album deal with finnish label Rising Realm Records.In February 2005 ..THE GATES OF OBLIVION.., Coram Lethe's debut album, is released, with the distribution worldwide of Crash Music Inc..The band start to organize gigs across Italy and Europe to promote their album and work on new material at the same time. During this time in 2006 new problems on the road.....for varoius and personal reasons Coram Lethe endures the departure of the second guitar Francesco that was quiet easy replaced by another strong guitarrist like Filippo O. (Dysthymia)..but it's not all...the more dificult departure of storical voice Mirco makes the things very difficult another time for Coram Lethe.Hard work and never changed passions makes theirs results: at the end of 2006 the band has its new front-'man'! Erica (Harmonic Distortion) join the band as singer and Federico (Over Faith) is the new bass player as session. The new complete line-up is ready with enough new material to make the second release reality!


Studio albums
- Reminiscence  (2000)
- The Gates of Oblivion  (2004)
- ...a Splendid Chaos  (2009)
- Heterodox  (2012)

- Promo 2003  (2003)


Current members:
Francesco Miatto - Drums (1999-present)
Leonardo Fusi - Guitars (1999-present)
Filippo Occhipinti - Guitars (2006-present)
Giacomo Bortone - Vocals (2014-present)
Christian Luconi - Bass (2015-present)

Past members:
Giacomo Occhipinti - Bass (1999-2005)
Mirco Borghini - Vocals (1999-2005)
Francesco Bargagni - Guitars (2003-2005)
Matteo Meucci - Bass (2005-2006)
Federico Stiaccini - Bass (2006-2013)
Erica Puddu - Vocals (2006-2009)
Claudio Passeri - Vocals (2010)
Gabriele Diana - Vocals (2011-2013)

Coram Lethe

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