Genre: Black/Death Metal
Origin: Switzerland
Status: Active

Darkmoon was founded in 1997 in Switzerland. With a melodic hybrid of Death-, Thrash- and Blackmetal the band knows to like. Following the publication of three demo CDs ("Grief" 1998, "Remains" 2000 and "Black Domain" 2003) they signed a contract with the Austrian label CCP Records and released in 2005 the debut album "Of Bitterness and Hate" and two years later the album "Apocalyptic Syndrome". Both albums were produced at the Little Creek Studio in Gelterkinden CH directed by V.O. Pulver and Frank Winkelmann. (for example Destruction, Pro - Pain; GURD).
Both publications received in the international print and online media very positive reactions and allowed Darkmoon some gigs in Switzerland and Germany with local formations, as well as with "bigger" bands like Agathodaimon, Dark Age, Ektomorph, Requiem, Disbelief .... to play. Also in festivals they attended, "Walpurgis Metal Days" in Bavaria, "Baden in Blut" or "Metal Days", the biggest metal festival in Switzerland.
Now the band presents their latest album "Wounds" , which is waiting to be made available on a broad base of the metal community. Again produced by V.O. Pulver at Little Creek Studio "Wounds" presents the band matured, more complex and powerful, ready to leave large imprints in the metal landscape. The cover artwork by Travis Smith (Amorphis, Katatonia) wraps the album is a high quality and will be supplemented by a great booklet.


Studio albums
- ...of Bitterness and Hate  (2005)
- Apocalyptic Syndrome  (2007)
- Wounds  (2011)
- Decline  (2015)

- Grief  (1998)
- Remains  (2000)
- Black Domain  (2003)


Current members:
Gianrichy Giamboi - Guitars (1997-present)
Christian Waltert - Guitars (1997-present)
Matthias Borer - Vocals (1997-present)
Laurent Strack - Drums (2006-present)
Niggi - Bass (2015-present)

Past members:
Pascal Rechsteiner - Bass (1997-2015)
Patric "Hubi" Hubacher - Drums (1997-2006)


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