Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient
Origin: Switzerland
Status: Active

Darkspace is a trio from Switzerland founded in 1999 by the musicians Wroth (Paysage D'Hiver), Zorgh and Zhaaral. Three years later, after the demo Dark Space -I in 2002, they released in 2005 their first album Dark Space I in a limited edition of 500 pieces. Dark Space I was later released in 2006 by Avantgarde Music.

In 2006 they released Dark Space II. Originally released in 2003 and 2005 respectively by Haunter of the Dark and now sold out, Darkspace's I and II are now owned up by Avantgarde Music and have been reissued in minimalistic card covered packages.

Darkspace released their third album Dark Space III on the 28 May 2008. It was apparently recorded in an underground shelter.

On Feb 12, 2011, Darkspace announced they would be releasing a new EP titled Minus 1. It is a re-recording and mixing of the -1 demo album they made in 2002. Minus One was released in gatefold embossed vinyl and cd. The release dates were 6.6.12 (CD) and 12.6.12 (vinyl).

They announced the release of a fourth album via morse code, which revealed that the album would be out in September 2014. On 8 August, both album title, cover, and release date were confirmed by the band's record label. Dark Space III I was released on 6 September.


Studio albums
- Dark Space I (2003)
- Dark Space II (2005)
- Dark Space III (2008)
- Dark Space III I (2014)

- Dark Space -I (2002)
- Dark Space -I (re-recording) (2012)


Current members:
Zorgh - Bass, Vocals
Zhaaral - Guitars, Vocals
Wroth - Guitars, Vocals


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