Dead Eyed Sleeper

Dead Eyed Sleeper

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Germany
Status: Active

In the depths of the notorious Odenwald, where hordes of thieves and robbers used to roam and haunt the adjacent villages, this five-piece has found their spot to devise, elaborate and perform their sick creations of relentlessly blasting and intensively grooving Death Metal.

Together, Corny Althammer (drums), Thomas Amann (bass), Peter Eifflaender (guitar), Stephan Wandernoth (guitar) and Sam Anetzberger (vox) form Dead Eyed Sleeper and are ready to unleash their new monster “Observing Oblivion”.

“Observing Oblivion” is the third album by the band and the second effort to be released in collaboration with their current label Supreme Chaos Records. Once again, the album follows a lyrical concept and was written as a sequel to the previous record “Through Forests of Nonentities”.

But while “Through Forests …” was designed as one homogenous entity requiring some rather dreamy and atmospherical moments, “Observing Oblivion” can in a way be seen as its conceptual counterpart with a clear focus on emotional brutality, massive grooves and aggressive intensity; This time the respective songs stand more for themselves, yet still following the thematic thread of the lyrical concept woven around the Dead eyed Sleeper. And needless to say, the band still follows their individual and versatile approach to death metal and the arrangements provide plenty of details to be explored and leave enough room to lose yourself within this thick, captivating atmosphere.

The record was mixed and mastered at the Kohlekeller Studio, where the production was rounded off with a direct and powerful sound that will hit you like a slap in the face.

The album is scheduled for a release in February 2011, so be prepared and don't miss out on this rewarding experience, which is sure to leave an immediate and lasting impression.


Studio albums
- In Memory of Mankind  (2007)
- Through Forests of Nonentities  (2009)
- Observing Oblivion  (2011)
- Gomorrh.  (2016)

Boxed Set
- Through Forests of Nonentities / Observing Oblivion  (2011)


Current members:
Thomas Amann - Bass (2007-present)
Cornelius Althammer - Drums (2007-present)
Peter Eifflaender - Guitars (2007-present)
Stephan Wandernoth - Guitars (2007-present)
Sam Anetzberger - Vocals (lead) (2007-present)

Dead Eyed Sleeper

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