Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Origin: Indonesia
Status: Active

Deadsquad is Indonesian death metal band formed in 2006 in Jakarta. The current members are Daniel Mardhany (vocal), Stevie Item (guitar), Bonnie Sidharta (bass), Coki Bollemeyer (guitar), and Andyan Gorust (drums). They have released one album namely Horror Vision in 2009.

Deadsquad was formed in early 2006. Stevie Item of Andra & The Backbone and Ricky Siahaan of Seringai wanted to make a project band to fulfill the desire to play metal. Bonnie Sidharta of Tengkorak and Andyan Gorust of Siksakubur were invited to complete the form. After Siahaan resigned, in June 2006, Prisa Adinda of Zala was recruited to be a guitarist, shortly thereafter Babal was recruited to be a vocalist. Since then, they call themselves Deadsquad. In November 2007 Adinda resigned. In October 2008, there was successor for Adinda namely Coki Bollemeyer of Netral. In the same month, Daniel Mardhany of Abolish Conception joined the band.

Horror Vision was released on 9 March 2009 by Rottrevore, coincided with Lamb of God concert in Jakarta. The album was re-released by Dark Colloseum from Malaysia. The album consist of 8 tracks. It was influenced by Dying Fetus, Necrophagist, and Sepultura.The first track of the album "Pasukan Mati" tells about the brutality of right-wing fascist mob that are counterproductive, and the guitar played by Item was influenced by Steve Vai as well as "Dominasi Belati". However, bass played by Sidharta, and growl and scream by Mardhany were not "audible". The quality of recording is quite bad. On "Manufaktur Replika Babtis", they called it tells a coercion of choosing religion in Indonesia. They also covered "Arise" as a tribute to Sepultura.

The main genre of the band is death metal, mixed with technical, old school and new school. In early career, they jammed and played songs from Slayer, Anthrax, and Sepultura. They are also influenced by Necrophagist, Visceral Bleeding, Spawn of Possession, Disavowed, Decrepit Birth, and Nile.


Studio albums
- Horror Vision  (2009)
- Profanatik  (2013)
- Tyranation  (2016)

- Pragmatis Sintetis  (2016)


Current members:
Stevie Morley Item - Guitars (2006-present)
Daniel Mardhany - Vocals (lead) (2008-present)

Past members:
"Bonsquad" Bonny Sidharta - Bass (2006-2014)
Andyan Gorust - Drums (2006-2017)
Ricky Seringai - Guitars (2006)
Prisa Adinda - Guitars (2006-2008)
Babal - Vocals (lead) (2006-2008)
Coki Bollemeyer - Guitars (2008-2015)
Arslan Musyfia - Bass (2014-2017)


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