Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Finland
Status: Active

Decaying was formed during the summer 2010 in Helsinki, Finland by Matias Nastolin and Olli Suurmunne. The first demo, "New Order", was released 17th of November 2010. The second demo, entitled "The Annihilator" was released 16th of February 2011.

"Devastate", an album consisting of the first two demos, was released 1st of May 2011 via Hellthrasher distribution. Drummer Benjam Lahdenpää joined the band in April 2011.
Guitarist Otso Polenius replaced Olli "Otu" Suurmunne in start of May, but the spot was soon taken by Henri Hirvonen in the beginning of July 2011.

Recordings of the new album, "Encirclement", started in August 2011. The album was released January 2nd of 2012.
Matias and Henri entered the Finnish army right after the release, in early January 2012. Bass player Sebastian Bergman joined Decaying in August the same year.

The work with third full-length album, "The Last Days Of War" started during the fall 2012. The album was released 30th of May 2013 via Hellthrasher Productions.

Decaying appeared on a Finnish death metal compilation, "Metal On Metal: The IVth Crusade", which was released 14th of February as a 2 CD via Metal Warning Records. Possible cassette version is also coming in the near future.

The fourth full-length "One To Conquer" was recorded during the first half of 2014. Mix, master and artwork should be finished before the fall. It is set to be released later 2014.
On top of that, the band recorded a new version of the song "New Order", which was released as a free bandcamp digiEP 26th of August 2014 along with four bonus live tracks.

"The Forgotten Conflict" EP was released September 18th of 2015 via Till You Fukkin Bleed on cassette.

Decaying parted ways with drummer Benjam Lahdenpää in late 2015. The band is now working on new material and the LP version of "One To Conquer" will be released in early 2016.


Studio albums
- Encirclement  (2012)
- The Last Days of War  (2013)
- One to Conquer  (2014)

- New Order  (2010)
- The Annihilator  (2011)

- New Order 2014  (2014)
- The Forgotten Conflict  (2015)

- Devastate  (2011)


Current members:
Matias Nastolin - Bass (2010-2012), Guitars, Vocals (2010-present)
Henri Hirvonen - Guitars (2011-present)
Sebastian Bergman - Bass (2012-present)

Past members:
Olli "Otu" Suurmunne - Guitars (2010-2011)
Benjam Lahdenpää - Drums (2011-2015)
Otso Polenius - Guitars (2011)


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