Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Origin: Sweden
Status: Split-up

Defleshed was started in 1991 by guitarist Lars Löfven. Other band members at this time was Kristoffer Griedl and Oskar Karlsson (now found in bands like Raised Fist and Scheitan). One demo titled Defleshed came out of this constellation. In 1992 Gustaf Jorde from Crematorium joined Defleshed playing bass and they soon started recording their 2nd demo Abrah Kadavrah. Session singer was Johan Hedman. Miscarriage Record (Italy) released a 7" that contained 3 songs from this demo. Nuclear Blast Records (Germany) also used one song (Obsculum Obscenium) on their compilation CD titled "Grindcore". In 1993 Defleshed, now with Gustaf as vocalist as well as bass player, recorded the promo Body Art. Invasion Records (Germany) got a hold of this and offered Defleshed a deal for a mini CD. So in 1994 Ma Belle Scalpelle was recorded at Rolling Rock Studio. In 1995 drummer Matte Modin joined the band and in 1996 the first full length CD was recorded, named Abrah Kadavrah after the second demo. Defleshed where at this time a four piece. After guitarist Kristoffer Griedl left the band in 1996 Defleshed became the powerful three piece that they are today: Lars Löfven, Gustaf Jorde and Matte Modin. In June 1997 Defleshed recorded Under The Blade in Berno Studio in Malmö, Sweden. Invasion Records handled Europe and Metal Blade North America. In 1998 Defleshed recorded a cover of Sepultura's Beneath The Remains for the album Sepulchral Feast "A tribute to Sepultura" at Dug Out Productions Uppsala. In 1999 once again Defleshed entered Berno Studio to record the album Fast Forward. For this album Defleshed signed with WAR music to handle Europe and Japan and with Pavement Music for the rest of the world.


Studio albums
- Abrah Kadavrah  (1996)
- Under the Blade  (1997)
- Fast Forward  (1999)
- Royal Straight Flesh  (2002)
- Reclaim the Beat  (2005)

- Defleshed  (1992)
- Abrah Kadavrah...  (1992)
- Body Art  (1993)

- Ma belle scalpelle  (1994)

- Obsculum Obscenum  (1993)

- Abrah Kadavrah  (2004)

Live Album
- Death... the High Cost of Living  (1999)


Last known lineup:
Hell Y. Hansen - Guitars (1991-2005)
Gustaf Jorde - Vocals, Bass (1992-2005)
Matte Modin - Drums (1995-2005)

Past members:
Oskar Karlsson - Drums (1991-1995) (R.I.P. 2016)
Kristoffer Griedl - Guitars (1991-1995)
Robin - Vocals (1992)


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