Genre: Thrash Metal/Metalcore (early), Progressive Metalcore (later)
Origin: Italy
Status: Active

Coming from Milan/Italy, Destrage represents a strong compromise between european melodic deathmetal, the best american thrash/hardcore act and rock'n'roll. An incredible mix of speed, core, sickness, alternative, and sometimes introspective tunes through melodic and killer songs.An absolute must for fans of Inflames, Slipknot, Soilwork, Nevermore, The haunted, Trivium, Darkane, Snot.

The story so near:

In spring 2005 the young but very active combo recorded Code to emptiness promo at Alpha and Oomega studio and began performing many shows around Italy.In spring 2006 Destrage redefined his own style and recorded Self Id Generator promo produced by Ettore Rigotti from Disarmonia Mundi.Like many bands the time of changes came and lineup has been modified.
In April 2007 the band, stronger and professional than ever and conscious of his potential, decided to record their first full lenght which contains ten brand new amazing tracks.

Destrage is now ready to knock on the doors of the best international metal and rock labels to present them their product.Signed a deal the five guys will be ready to tour all over the world to promote their music.More infos are coming....


Studio albums
- Urban Being  (2009)
- The King Is Fat'n'Old  (2010)
- Are You Kidding Me? No.  (2014)
- A Means to No End  (2016)

- Code to Emptiness  (2005)
- Self ID Generator  (2006)

- Princess Ghibli  (2011)
- Princess Ghibli II  (2012)
- Princess Ghibli the Best Selection Revisited  (2013)


Current members:
Gabriel Pignata - Bass
Federico Paulovich - Drums
Ralph Salati - Guitars
Matteo Di Gioia - Guitars
Paolo Colavolpe - Vocals

Past members:
Massimo Raineri - Bass
Fabio Vignati - Drums
Marco Tafuri - Guitars


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