Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

Dracena was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1994 by MiA, according to The Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, volume II, Sweden's heaviest all-girl band.

In April of 1997 the first demo was recorded and released as a limited edition of 100 copies on cassette with 3 own tracks and a cover of Venom's In league with Satan.

In 1998 drummer Karin left the band and MiA (guitar/vocals), Emma (guitar) and Åsa (bass) continued on and entered Andy La Rocque's studio Los Angered Recordings to record the second demo in April of 1999 with the help of session drummer Terror (Necrocurse, Runemagick, Deathwitch, Swordmaster and Sacramentum). Entitled Demonic Women and released as a 3-track CDr and later also from Bloodstone Entertainement (SWE) as a limited edition 2-track 7" red vinyl.

In late 2000 Mojjo (Engel, Runemagick, Deathwitch, Lord Belial) joined Dracena to handle the drums and in September of 2001 the third demo was recorded in Terrordome, released as a CDr with 3 tracks and entitled Labyrinth of Darkness.
In late 2002 the band members decided to go separate ways and Dracena was left with MiA as the only active member.

The debut full length album was recorded in 2004 using Hellbound Studios/Brutaliator Studios. Infernal Damnation, containing 8 tracks, was independently released as a CD in 2006-06-06. A cover of W.A.S.P's Animal (Fuck like a Beast) was also recorded during this session for the W.A.S.P tribute album to be released by Codiac Records (DEN) in May of 2006, Rock Shock Hellions - A tribute to W.A.S.P.

2013 the new mini-CD Ravenous Bloodlust was recorded during the summer in Andy La Rocque's Sonic Train Studios. This 4-track mini-CD will also be released independently.

After the recording of Ravenous Bloodlust Dracena has a complete line up for live shows and the upcoming full length album which is planned to be recorded in summer 2014.


Studio album
- Infernal Damnation (2006)

- Demo '97 (1997)
- Demonic Women (1999)
- Labyrinth of Darkness (2001)

- Ravenous Bloodlust (2014)


Current members:
Mia Larsson - Vocals, Guitars, Bass (1994-present)
K. - Bass (2013-present)
F. - Drums (2013-present)
Piet the J - Guitars (2013-present)

Past members:
Camilla Hedén - Bass (1994-1998)
Karin Blomqvist - Drums (1994-1998)
Lotta Odelberg - Guitars (1994-1995)
Emma Karlsson - Guitars (1995-2001)
Åsa Pettersson - Bass (1998-2001)
Daniel "Mojjo" Moilanen - Drums (2000-2004)


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