Genre: Technical Black Metal
Origin: Norway
Status: Active

DROTTNAR are a progressive/ technical black metal act formed in 1996 in Fredrikstad, Norway. The band was founded under the name VITALITY and released a couple of death metal styled demos using that name. When the band changed their name to DROTTNAR they started playing Viking Black Metal but with the release of the 2003 "Anamorphosis" EP the band had changed their style towards progressive/ technical black metal. DROTTNAR released their debut full-length studio album "Welterwerk" in 2006 through Endtime Productions. A small Norwegian label. The music on "Welterwerk" features elements from technical death metal, black metal and even the occasional fusion element. The album is a World War II concept album.

The inclusion of DROTTNAR to the Prog Archives database was approved by the Progressive Metal Team. DROTTNAR are highly recommended to fans of furiously fast played and aggressive technical black/ death metal with a fusion edge.


Studio albums
- Welterwerk  (2006)
- Stratum  (2012)

- A White Realm  (1998)

- Anamorphosis  (2003)

- Ad Hoc Revolt  (2006)
- Lucid Stratum  (2011)

- Spiritual Battle  (2000)


Current members:
Glenn-David Lind - Drums (1996-present)
Bengt Olsson - Guitars (1996-present)
Karl Fredrik Lind - Guitars (1996-present)
Sven-Erik Lind - Vocals (1996-present)
Håvar Wormdahl - Bass (2003-present)

Past members:
Bjarne Pecer Lind - Bass (1996-2003)


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