Genre: Technical Death Metal
Origin: France
Status: Active

DUNGORTHEB is a French Metal band influenced by Death, Coroner , Pestilence… formed in 1996 in Epinal.

The first tape "Trip into Obscurity" released in 1996, the group takes care of the artwork and sound, allowing it play the local scene and open to Mercyless and Sup.

In 2003, the band released their first album "Intended To .. "On the label Perennial Quest Records. He receive very good review in national and international allows him to play in France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg with bands like Marduk, Nostromo, Blockheads ...

Contacted by the Chinese label Area Death Productions, Dungortheb contributed a track to the memory of Chuck Schuldiner tribute album for the label.

After l line-up changes, the band stabilized and released his second album "Waiting For Silence," recorded by El Mobo in Conkrete Studio. The production quality allows it to be distributed in France and the Benelux countries by the Great Danes Records label and sharing scenes with Gorod, Eths, Born from Pain.

After more than 15 years of existence, Dungortheb working on his third record while continuing to make its music with the various European organizers of concerts and festivals.


Studio albums
- Intended to...  (2003)
- Waiting for Silence  (2008)
- Extracting Souls  (2014)

- Trip into Obscurity  (1996)
- Promo 2000  (2000)


Current members:
Jean-Yves Motté - Guitars (?-2009, 2016-present)
Hervé Joly - Drums (1996-present)
Samuel Baudoin - Bass (2005-present)
Jérémy Durin - Guitars (lead) (2007-present)
Alexandre Toussaint - Vocals (2016-present)

Past members:
Anthony Thiebaut - Bass
François - Bass
Grégory "Pass" Valentin - Bass (Early), Vocals (?-2014)
Sébastien Valbrecq - Guitars
Nelson Pontifice - Guitars
David Schabath - Vocals
Jean-Marc Werly - Guitars (1998-2006)
Christophe - Guitars (rhythm) (2009-?)
Yan Pierrat - Guitars (rhythm) (2012-?)
Thibault Robardey - Vocals (2014-?)


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