Genre: Doom Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

Originally formed as a side project by Spirit Caravan bassist David Sherman in 1999, Maryland's Earthride (for whom he handles vocal duties) became a full-time concern after that band's dissolution two years later. Also featuring guitarist Kyle Vansteinburg, bassist Joe Ruthvin, and ex-Internal Void drummer Eric Little, Earthride vowed to perpetrate "pure Maryland doom for the brotherhood of music," and by the year 2000, had already recorded an eponymous, self-released debut EP. Characterized by the band's highly accomplished, but strictly blue-collar approach to doom metal, as well as Sherman's distinctive Lemmy-like, hoarse croak, this in turn paved the way for the full-length Taming of the Demons album, which was produced by stoner scene veteran Chris Kozlowski and released by Southern Lord Recordings in summer 2002.


Studio albums
- Taming of the Demons (2002)
- Vampire Circus (2005)
- Something Wicked (2010)

- Earthride (2000)
- Earthride / Doomraiser (2010)


Current members:
Josh - Bass
Eric - Drums
Kyle - Guitars
Sherman - Vocals

Past members:
Rob Hampshire     Bass
Joe Ruthvin     Bass


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