Genre: Blackened Death/Doom Metal (early), Death/Gothic Metal (later)
Origin: Italy
Status: Active

Ecnephias is an extreme occult metal band formed in Potenza, Italy, in 1996 by the frontman vocalist/guitarist Mancan. However, despite having made three demo tracks, the Italian act was idle between 1997 and 2004.

The current line up, led by Mancan himself (supported by Sicarius), has welcomed, since 2011, Nikko, Miguel and Demil, called to replace, among others, Antonio Donadeo. As of today, the band's releases are the 2005 demo November, the 2007 full-length Domíníum Noctís, the 2008 EP Haereticus, the 2010 full-length Ways Of Descention - "descention" is a "pun" - the 2011 full-length Inferno, the 2012 CD compilation Cold Winds From Beyond, a selection of 18 tracks from the band's first three works and the 2013 full-length Necrogod with the special guest Sakis from Rotting Christ, all of which received a positive response from the specialized press and gained the band wide esteem in the underground scene.

Many reviewers consider Mancan as one of the best Italian singers of the genre, for the exceptional timbre of his voice and the variety of his style. The sound of Ecnephias can be described as a personal blend of death, black, doom and gothic metal with a very personal 'mediterranean' and 'theatrical' touch. The language used is for the most part English, but a distinctive trait of the band is the frequent use of inserts in Latin and Italian.

Ecnephias had in many occasions the chance to perform live as headliner or opening act for historical bands such as Exodus. Three years after taking part in the XV edition the band has been confirmed for the XVIII Agglutination Festival. The band also played at the Total Metal Festival in 2009 and in 2014 and in other musical contexts with bands such as Opera IX, Necromass and Frostmoon Eclipse.

A new chapter is expected at the beginning of 2015, Ecnephias - the most important and exciting release of the lucanian act. The year 2014 means so much to the band: it is the first anniversary that celebrates 10 years of activity of Ecnephias. For the event the band has recorded the new album, the third in a "trilogy" that began with Inferno and continued with Necrogod.


Studio albums
- Dominium Noctis  (2007)
- Ways of Descention  (2010)
- Inferno  (2011)
- Necrogod  (2013)
- Ecnephias  (2015)

- November  (2005)

- Haereticus  (2008)

- Cold Winds from Beyond  (2012)


Current members:
Mancan - Vocals, Guitars (1996-1997), Vocals, Guitars, Programming (2004-present)
Sicarius Inferni - Keyboards, Piano (2008-present)
Demil - Drums (2011-present)
Nikko - Guitars (2011-present)
Khorne - Bass (2015-present)

Past members:
Namgyal - Bass (1996-1997)
Atlos - Drums (1996-1997, 2006-2007, 2009-2010)
Akeron - Guitars (1996-1997, 2009-2010), Bass (2006-2007)
Valkiria - Guitars (2004-2006)
Toru - Bass (2008-2009)
Antonio Donadeo - Drums (2008-2009)
Aran Morion - Bass (2009-2010)
Miguel José Mastrizzi - Bass (2012-2015)


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