Genre: Experimental Doom/Death Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

Ehnahre is an avant-garde death/doom metal band formed by ex-members of Kayo Dot and Biolich. Their current line-up consists of Ryan McGuire (bass, double-bass, voice), John Carchia (guitar, voice) and Ricardo Donoso (drums, percussion, electronics).

Their debut album "The Man Closing Up" was released on Sound Devastation Records in September 2008, and features guest appearances from Jonah Jenkins (voice, Raw Radar War), Forbes Graham (trumpet, ex-Kayo Dot), Greg Massi (guitar, ex-Kayo Dot/maudlin of the Well), and Greg Kelley (trumpet, nmperign/Heathen Shame), among others.

A cassette entitled "Pipeline" was released by Semata Productions in September of 2009. It is a live recording from the Pipeline radio show on WMBR 88.1, that the band played in 2008.

In March of 2010, they released an EP entitled "Alpha/Omega". It was issued on vinyl only, in an edition on 100. It was released on the Fun With Asbestos imprint.

In November of 2010, Ehnahre released their sophomore full-length album entitled "Taming the Cannibals". It was released on Crucial Blast Records, and features guest appearances by Jonah Jenkins (voice), Greg Kelley (trumpet), and C Spencer Yeh (violin).


Studio albums
- The Man Closing Up (2008)
- Taming the Cannibals (2010)
- Old Earth (2012)
- Douve (2016)

- Negative Reasoning (2001)

- Alpha/Omega (2010)
- Nothing and Nothingness (2016)

Live Album
- Pipeline (2009)


Current members:
Ryan McGuire - Bass, Double bass, Percussion, Vocals
John Carchia - Guitars, Vocals
Brandon Terzakis - Drums, Electronics (2012-present)
Rich Chowenhill - Guitars (2012-present)
Jared Redmond - Piano (2012-present)

Past members:
Ricardo Donoso - Drums, Electronics (?-2012)
Tom Malone - Drums, Guitars
Andrew Hock - Guitars
D.J. Murray - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Brendan MacDonald - Unknown


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