Genre: Folk/Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Switzerland
Status: Active

Eluveitie clearly belongs to the fast growing pagan metal-scene, anyhow brings some "fresh air" into it. Eluveitie's sound is traditional, authentic celtic folk music combined in a unique way with modern styled melodic death metal, strongly influenced by the classic "Göthenburg Sound".

Originally formed by Mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann in winter 2002 as a mere studio-project, the first EP Vên was recorded in 2003, already unique in it's way of having the folk-part being on an equal footing with the metal instruments. This self-financed MCD was ardently received by the scene, zines etc. and sold out within a few months. In 2004 Eluveitie signed to the dutch label Fear Dark Records, which released a re-mastered (and partly re-recorded) version of Vên, and continued as a "real" band, playing gigs together with bands such as Cruachan, Korpiklaani and Skyforger.

Although many line-up changes still had to happen, Eluveitie grew into being a band, and developed it's very own style, formed by the many different influences of nine musicians rooted in different styles of music. In late 2005, Eluveitie was finally ready to enter the studio and record their first full-lenght Aabum, to be released on Fear Dark Records again. With Spirit , Eluveitie goes a big step forward, presenting a completely new style of folk metal to the scene - starting a new wave of folk metal.


Studio albums
- Spirit (2006)
- Slania (2008)
- Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion (2009)
- Everything Remains as It Never Was (2010)
- Helvetios (2012)
- Origins (2014)

- Vên (2003)

- Vên (2004)

- Omnos (2009)
- Thousandfold (2010)
- Divico (2012)
- King (2014)
- The Call of the Mountains (2014)

- Slania / Evocation I - The Arcane Metal Hammer Edition (2009)
- The Early Years (2012)

Live Album
- Live @ Metalcamp 2008 (2008)
- Live on Tour (2012)
- Live at Feuertanz 2013 (2014)


Current members:
Chrigel Glanzmann - Vocals (lead), Guitars (acoustic), Mandolin, Uilleann pipes, Bodhrán, Tin and low whistles, Gaita (2002-present)
Merlin Sutter - Drums (2004-present)
Ivo Henzi - Guitars (2004-present)
Anna Murphy - Hurdy gurdy, Vocals (2006-present)
Kay Brem - Bass (2008-present)
Rafael Salzmann - Guitars (2012-present)

Past members:
Gian Albertin - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (2002-2004)
Dario Hofstetter - Drums (2002-2004)
Mättu Ackermann - Fiddle (2002-2003)
Dani Fürer - Guitars (lead) (2002-2004)
Yves Tribelhorn - Guitars (rhythm) (2002-2004)
Philipp Reinmann - Irish bouzouki (2002-2003)
Dide Marfurt - Bagpipes, Hurdy gurdy (2003-2004)
Beni Häfeli - Drums (2003-2004)
Meri Tadić - Fiddle, Vocals (2003-2013)
Sevan Kirder - Irish flute, Tin whistle, Bagpipes (2003-2008)
Rafi Kirder - Bass, Vocals (2004-2008)
Sime Koch - Guitars, Vocals (2004-2012)
Severin "Sevi" Binder - Vocals, Bagpipes, Flutes, Whistles (2004-2006)
Sarah Wauquiez - Hurdy gurdy, Bass-shalm, Crummhorn, Zugerörgeli (2005-2006)
Linda Suter - Fiddle, Vocals (2006)
Päde Kistler - Bagpipes, Whistles (2008-2014)
Nicole Ansperger - Violin (2013-2015)


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