Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Origin: Bulgaria
Status: Active

Enthrallment is European death metal band. Started back in 1998, it is already more than 10 years of spreading sickness and brutality.

Enthrallment recorded one demo called The Scarlet Difference in 1998 that was released through Dark Mist Productions/Brutallica Records and one MCD Burning Fields in 2001 on Butchery Music. After those recordings Enthrallment changed line-up drastically and music as well...more brutal, more technical, more sick!!!

In 2006 British Grindethic Records and Spanish Grotesque Productions released Enthrallment's full length album Smashed Brain Collection. The album was re-released in July 2007.

In 2008 Enthrallment signed a three album deal with Slovakian label Metal Age Productions and now the band has recorded the first of them, Immerse Into Bloody Bliss.


Studio albums
- Smashed Brain Collection  (2006)
- Immerse into Bloody Bliss  (2008)
- People from the Lands of Vit  (2012)
- The Voice of Human Perversity  (2014)
- Eugenic Wombs  (2015)

- The Scarlet Difference  (1999)

- Burning Fields  (2001)

- Enthrallment / Relentless  (2001)


Current members:
Ivo Ivanov - Drums (1998-present)
Plamen Bakardzhiev - Vocals (2001-present)
Vasil Furnigov - Guitars (2006-present)
Andrey Gegov - Guitars (2010-present)
Rumen Pavlov - Bass (2011-present)

Past members:
Simeon Totev - Bass (1998-2001)
Chris Hristov - Guitars (1998-2009)
Yasen Kianov - Vocals (1998-2001)
Dimitar Tomov - Bass (2001-2004)
Lachezar Todorov - Bass (2004-2006)
Martin Naydenov - Bass (2006-2008)


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