Ex Dementia

Ex Dementia

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

In a small town in New Jersey, a brain-penetrating sound has littered the air. It has already killed hundreds, and infected thousands! It's sonic-toxin drives you insane and forces you to kill! How many more will it kill?! Can it be stopped?! And how long will this go on?! We don't know. The only thing we do know is, what's causing it... EX DEMENTIA!


Studio albums
- Thou Shall Repulse (2007)
- The Red Mass (2009)
- Crack the Coffin (2017)

- An Excursion of Noise and Terror (2006)

- In the Chapters of Horror (2008)


Current members:
Branden - Drums
Kristopher Ernisto - Guitars, Vocals
Joe Scafuto - Bass (2017-present)
Tony Barhoum - Guitars (lead) (2017-present)

Past members:
Coffin Joe - Bass
Joe Van Hettiga - Bass
Zack - Bass, Vocals
Steve - Guitars
Matt Peterson - Guitars (lead)
Jon - Vocals

Ex Dementia

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