Exhausted Prayer

Exhausted Prayer

Genre: Progressive Black/Death Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

Exhausted Prayer came into existence somewhere around 1997/98. BJ, Swansong, and Mike attended an all-male Catholic high school, and as one might guess, they sought a creative outlet for their tensions (not getting laid can have its benefits...). Opting not to become mass murderers or Jesuit priests, they found relief in the most sublime of artistic _expression; namely, playing metal. They listened to all kinds of metal, but felt especially drawn to black metal because it was aggressive and fast and it was something new to them. Not to mention the fact that a bunch of guys running around in the forests of Scandinavia with corpsepaint on seems kind of cool when you're seventeen. So the three kids made their metal and constantly recorded shitty songs on shitty equipment. Mike played guitar and then moved to bass, BJ played bass and moved to guitar, Swansong played keyboards.

Like most bands, Exhausted Prayer was in need of a drummer. Luckily, by the grace of god, a good friend of Mike's (ahem, Richard) left his drums at Mike's place for a while, and being the musical genius that he is, Mike picked up the drums in no time (this bio is not written by Mike). It was now 1999, and Mike was asked to play drums for another band that would come to be called The Music of Erich Zann. They weren't a bad little band, but they eventually fell apart because the members were flakes and the songs were too hard to play. Fortunately, the guitarist for the band, who shall hereafter be referred to as Heist, was into all kinds of brutal death and black metal, and was interested in joining Exhausted Prayer. He ended up doing just that and the band's line-up was solidified: Mike on drums and vocals, BJ on bass, and Heist and Swansong on guitar and vocals.

So they thought... With the unfortunate decision of BJ in summer 2005 to incur assloads of debt in pursuing a post-graduate degree, EP was left high and dry (well, not so dry really) with a newly recorded CD and a bunch of shows but no bassist. After some soul searching and a lot of nail biting we crossed paths with bass Hessian and metal expert Jordan Ruble, with whom we toured the west coast and played a dozen or so local gigs through Fall-Winter 2005. At this crucial point we felt we needed to move forward with a new level of momentum and so recruited long-time friend and past backup bassist Richard Vulich. Richard has seen our music evolve from the beginning and thus he seemed the natural choice, and our decision coincided quite conveniently with his purchase of a new car (2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse).

Now with a solid line-up and a rejuvenated sense of purpose, we are preparing to conquer the Western US in summer 2006 with fellow metallians Noctuary. We have a few tricks up our sleeve so expect our new material to be refreshingly cruel; if you're looking for the typical mid 90's death/black rehash (are we on the 4th or 5th wave now?) or keyboard driven masquerade metal, you're outta luck, buddy.

Exhausted Prayer has self-released three recordings: 2001's Involutional Melancholia, 2002's What Completely is Not, and 2005's Looks Down in the Gathering Shadow. They strive to express the pathos of metal without any of its gimmicks or stereotypes, and with each new release they will continue to cultivate their unique brand of extremity.


Studio albums
- Involutional Melancholia (2001)
- Looks Down in the Gathering Shadow (2005)
- Worst of All Possible Worlds (2010)
- Ruined (2014)

- What Completely Is Not (2002)

- Burials / Exhausted Prayer (2017)


Current members:
Richard Vulich - Bass
Mike Caffell - Drums, Vocals
Heist - Guitars, Vocals
Swansong - Guitars, Vocals

Past members:
Jordan Ruble - Bass
B.J. - Bass, Vocals

Exhausted Prayer

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