Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Netherlands
Status: Active

Fondlecorpse the band has been around since 1996, at that time The Goregnome was drawing a picture and wrote next to it Fondlecorpse , now this would be a great name for a band. Now you will say why wasn't there any material recorded, to make a long story short, lots of line up changes, some even came close to recording but in the end it always fell thru because people left fucked up got kicked out etc etc. In ‘99 it seemed we would be hitting the studio, and yup bye bye drummer. And the torment continued. Only thing that was recorded at the time was a 2 track promo that never saw the light of day and some rehearsal tapes.

Now 2000 we returned and a line-up was put together that still goes strong to this day, slowly we picked up new musicians with each new release. First two seven inch eps were released, those were picked up by Posercrusher records and re-released on cd as the From Beyond the Crypt cd and did a tribute track on the Nunslaughter tribute for Dark Forest Records.

During that time we signed up with the Hive family of Razorback Records, helping to create and establish a new subgenre and after first helping multiple other bands on their way and honing our skills, we did a special track on their 5 year anniversary cd and after some setbacks of mainly botched split cds that wasted time and money we finally unleashed the Blood and Popcorn MCD.

Now 2009 we finally unleashed our Magnus Opus Creaturegore a concept in the making for many years, so far it has been received very well, it features many good friends as guest vocalists like the mighty Stevo of Impetigo, Aad from Sinister, Lasse from Hooded Menace and Vacant Coffin, the help of Robert on Session Drums from Scaffold, Belphegor, the cd was recorded as always in the Legendary Excess studio Rotterdam by Chris from Homegrown Productions. And the whole disc was mastered by veteran Bob Moore at Soundlab. Also it features what probably is one of the most insane album covers of all time with over 100 references to horror b-movies and 80's nostalgia made by Adam Geyer who worked on this for a few years! It took a lot of People and Effort to get it all put together but the end result is worth it. Also now released is the tribute to Repulsion LP on which we feature the track "Crypt of Terror"


Studio albums
- Creaturegore (2009)
- Dark Contagion (2017)

- Limbless (2003)
- Blood and Popcorn (2007)
- Chronicles of Pain (2012)
- Set the Drill to Kill (2013)

- Inkblack / Fondlecorpse (2002)
- Absence of Mercy / Untitled (2013)

- From Beyond the Crypt (2005)


Current members:
Sly the Goregnome - Vocals (1996-present)
Eric Fester Bocchino - Bass (2012-present)
Bill Cyco Greenwood - Drums (2012-present)

Past members:
Mathijs Brussard - Bass
Rogga Johansson - Guitars
Bas Brussaard - Guitars


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