Foul Body Autopsy

Foul Body Autopsy

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: United Kingdom
Status: Active

Armed with an ipod, Guitar and a desire to crush skulls FOUL BODY AUTOPSY is a one man band from Leicester City founded by metal maverick Tom Reynolds. Over the space of 4 years Tom has released a full length album and is now working with Equivalence Music Management team & Grindscene Records planning for a full metal tirade in the UK.
Prior to this Tom has played Bloodstock Open Air & has shared the stage with the likes of

Prostitute Disfigurement, Flayed Disciple, Cancerous Womb, General Surgery, Aeon, Cerebral Bore, Panic Cell, Cannabis Corpse, Decapitated, Aborted, Basement Torture Killings, Amputated, Ageless Oblivion, Leng Tch'e, Thy Art Is Murder, Scordatura, Carnal Decay,

With pure shred techniques, blistering speed and no lack of humour within his show this is a unique show that should not be missed


Studio album
- Foul Body Autopsy (2013)

- Foul Body Autopsy - Vol 1 (2010)
- Foul Body Autopsy - Vol 2 (2011)
- The Epidemic Sickening the World (2013)
- So Close to Complete Dehumanization (2014)
- Perpetuated by Greed (2016)
- Burn Them All (2016)

- And the World Looked on in Horror (2012)
- 21st Century Fascism (2016)


Current members:
Tom Reynolds - Everything (2010-present)

Foul Body Autopsy

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