Genre: Melodic Death/Power Metal
Origin: France
Status: Split-up

Created in June 1997, FURIA, currently composed of Damien (vocals), Seb (lead guitar), Mick (guitar and vocals), Guillaume (bass), Julien (drums) and regularly attended by Mehdi (keyboard) and Eulalie (violin), evolve in a melodic Heavy/Death Metal where sharp riffs, shingling rhythmic and symphonic keyboards illustrate during all the compositions the various legends populating the conceptual world of the Macon's formation.

From May 1998 to Mars 1999, FURIA records two auto-productions and starts a tour of about thirty dates through France. Thereafter, the group records a mini-CD "the Garden of Eden" containing 4 titles, which will be re-recorded for the album "A the Search of the Past" came out in September 2001 at ADIPOCERE records.

After one year spent on various tours in France and countries bordering, FURIA took out in April 2003 its second album "a lake tears and blood" produced one more time by ADIPOCERE records, masterized at the FINNVOX studios. A majority of orchestrations were made with truths instruments... We find there also the voice of Adeline of the group AKIN...

From now on, the group hardly works on the visual installation of their concept on scene and currently prepares the continuation of FURIA's adventure...


Studio albums
- A la quête du passé  (2001)
- Un lac de larmes et de sang...  (2003)
- Kheros  (2006)

- Dark Side of Apocalypse  (1998)
- Furia  (1999)
- Le jardin d'éden  (2000)

- Pré-Production "Un Lac de larmes Et de Sang"  (2003)
- Re-Birth  (2005)
- Blast 'n Fuck  (2008)

- Two Titles From The 3rd Album  (2003)

- Furia Prod  (2005)

Boxed Set
- La source noire  (2004)


Last known lineup:
Julien Nicolas - Drums
Damien Paquet - Vocals
Sébastien Lobut - Guitars (1997-2005, 2007-?)
Mickael Vallesi - Guitars, Vocals (1997-?)

Past members:
Médéric Moge - Drums
Mehdi Khadouj - Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (?-2006)
Eulalie - Violin (session) (?-2004)
Nicholas Perchaud - Vocals
Guillaume Maucelli - Bass (1997-2006)
Sébastien Gilot - Drums (1997-?)
François Romand - Keyboards (1997-1999)
Isabelle Vailler - Keyboards (1999-2001)
Stéphane Grand - Guitars (2005-2007)
Fred - Bass (session) (2006)


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