Genre: Avant-Garde Death Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

New York's Geryon is a side project of Krallice rhythm section Nicholas McMaster (bass/vocals) and Lev Weinstein (drums). Their music can be described as avant, progressive, technical death metal -- sans guitars. Before joining Krallice, the pair had played together in Chicago's Astomatous and other units, where they began crafting their abrasive aural signature. Their recorded debut was a split live cassette with M.N.D.L.S.B.L.S.T.N.G. (another duo, featuring Krallice guitarist Mick Barr and Bay Area composer Nondor Nevaï) in 2012. Their self-titled mini-album was issued by Gilead Media the following year. They toured behind it before reassuming full-time duties in their main band. In 2015, the duo reentered the studio with Krallice bandmate Colin Martson as producer. A host of guests, including Jim Mroz, Nick Podgurski, Chris Latina, and Marston, provided additional electronics. In February, the track "Silent Command" was released on the Internet, followed by "The Wound and the Bow," the album's title track. The full-length was released by Profound Lore in April.


Studio albums
- Geryon (2013)
- The Wound and the Bow (2016)

- N.Y.B.P. 2012 : Paid Violence (2012)


Current members:
Nicholas McMaster - Bass, Vocals
Lev Weinstein - Drums


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