Genre: Death/Thrash Metal/Grindcore
Origin: United States
Status: Active

Not much is known about Ghoul as they are always seen wearing masks. The members go by the stage names Cremator, Fermentor, Digestor, and Dissector. The band has a large line-up of characters in their lyrics, including the four of themselves. Most of the information about them comes from the "Curio Shop Owner" one of the many characters mentioned in their songs. They claim to be mutants that came from Creepsylvania. Ghoul was signed after self-releasing a demo. Their musical style is best described as a blend of thrash and death metal with death metal vocals and lyrics. A ghoul is a folkloric monster associated with graveyards and consuming human flesh and playing bone-snapping splatterthrash, often classified as but not necessarily undead.


Studio albums
- We Came for the Dead!!!  (2002)
- Maniaxe  (2003)
- Splatterthrash  (2006)
- Transmission Zero  (2011)
- Dungeon Bastards  (2016)

- Ghoul's Night Out  (2001)

- Intermediate Level Hard​-​Core  (2013)
- Hang Ten  (2014)

- Kids in America  (2012)
- Wall of Death  (2016)

- Ghoul / Brody's Militia  (2008)
- Splatterhash  (2014)

- We Came for the Dead!!! & Maniaxe  (2008)


Current members:
Digestor - Vocals, Guitars (2001-present)
Cremator - Vocals, Bass (2003-present)
Fermenter - Drums, Vocals (2014-present)
Dissector - Vocals, Guitars (2014-present)

Past members:
Dr. X - Drums
Fermentor - Drums, Vocals (?-2013)
Dissector - Vocals, Guitars (?-2014)
Fermentor - Drums (2001-2004)
Andrew LaBarre - Guitars, Bass, Vocals (2001-2003)


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