Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Italy
Status: Active

Golem are a melodic death metal band founded in Bari, Italy in 2000. The line-up is currently made up of Matteo De Bellis (vocals, guitars); Ottavio Marzo (guitars, vocals); Domenico Bottalico (bass); and Damiano Porcelli (drums). The band has released 3 demo recordings: Flames Of Wrath (2000), Death Never Dies (2003), and Death In Progress... (2004).

Golem have performed lives with Natron, Heimdall, White Skull, Centurion, and Kiss Of Death in important metal festivals (Pluvia Metalli, Total Metal Festival, Black Sunrise Metal Festival, God Bless The Metal Festival, III and IV Edition Of The Memorial Roberto Orlandi).

In 2003 Golem reached a deal with the French label Diamond Productions / Adipocere for the official release of Death Never Dies (remixed version by Dario Mollo). The CD was released worldwide in September 2003. In 2004, the same year the band released Death In Progress, Golem performed live several times across Italy. In 2005 the band began recording Black Era, which was released in 2006 via Razar Ice Records.


Studio albums
- Death Never Dies  (2003)
- Black Era  (2006)
- One Bullet Left  (2011)

- Flames of Wrath  (2000)
- Death in Progress...  (2004)

Live Album
- Death @ Target Club (Wacken Limited Edition)  (2011)


Current members:
Ottavio Marzo - Guitars (2000-present)
Domenico Bottalico - Bass (2001-present)
Matteo De Bellis - Guitars, Vocals (2001-present)
Rino Ricco - Drums (2010-present)
Francesco "paCMan" Bellezza - Vocals (2013-present)

Past members:
Luca Roberti - Guitars, Vocals
Alex Martiradonna - Bass (2000-?)
Damiano Porcelli - Drums (2000-2010)
Nicola Esposito - Vocals (2000-2004)


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