Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Spain
Status: Active

GRAVEYARD was born in 2002 after Julkarn (bass and vocals) and Bastard (guitar) had a serious drinking session during which the name, musical style and concept of the band were created. Since it was impossible to find a suitable drummer at the time, the band was put on hold until 2007 when Gusi entered the scene. With him on board, the band entered a dirty basement and recorded the demo "Into The Mausoleum". This recording caused some impact in the scene and, shortly after that, GRAVEYARD signed a deal with Blackseed Prods. After recruiting SBE as a second guitar player, "Into The Mausoleum" was released (remixed and with an added bonus song) as a MCD. During 2008, GRAVEYARD plays live many times and records new stuff for two splits, one with TERRORIST (through Iron Bonehead Prods.) and another one with DEATHEVOKATION (Nuclear War Now! Prods).

In 2009 the band goes to the Javi Bastard's own Moontower Studios for five days and record the "One With The Dead" LP which is released in september of the same year. With the album released in CD, LP and tape. GRAVEYARD spend most of their time in 2009 and 2010 doing concerts and the band has the opportunity of play in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Sweden. In the meantime, the band records new songs (and re-record some old ones) for their new MLP which will be called "The Altar of Sculpted Skulls". This EP should have been released by a very promising new british label, but that label finally didn't see the light of day and the band was left with a new recording and nobody to release it. After sending some e-mails, GRAVEYARD ink a deal with Singapore based Pulverised Recs. Czech label Doomentia Recs released the vinyl version of "The Altar of Sculpted Skulls" but the CD was delayed for almost two years. A split tape with the italians NECRO was released that same year by Unholy Domain Recs. Finally, Cyclone Empire Recs. released another split with swedish death deliverers NOMINON.

During the summer of 2012 GRAVEYARD enclose themselves in the Moontower Studios again to record their new album "The Sea Grave", to be released by War Anthem Recs. "The Sea Grave" shows a band firmly rooted in the timeless and classic Death Metal from both the european and american traditions that, after 5 years of existence, has found a personal form of expression within the strict margins of pure Death Metal. Shortly after finishing the recording sessions, SBE decides to leave the band due to personal reasons. The band then called old time friend and Metal warrior Mark Wild (from the mighty Körgull The Exterminator) and he takes the job as a second guitar player.


Studio albums
- One with the Dead  (2009)
- The Sea Grave  (2013)
- ...for Thine Is the Darkness  (2016)

- Into the Mausoleum  (2007)

- Into the Mausoleum  (2008)
- The Altar of Sculpted Skulls  (2011)

- Graveyard / Terrorist  (2009)
- Graveyard / Deathevokation  (2009)
- Graveyard / Necro  (2011)
- Imperial Anthems No. 10  (2012)
- Of Ancient Metal and Eternal Death  (2013)
- La Germandat de la Nit Profunda  (2013)
- Entrails / Graveyard  (2014)
- The Procession of the Gravedemons - The Ultimate Profanation  (2014)
- Graveyard vs. Nominon  (2014)
- In the Shadow of the Horns / Funerals  (2015)

- The Coffin Years  (2015)


Current members:
Bastard - Bass (2007-2008), Guitars (2007-present)
Gusi - Drums (2007-present)
Julkarn - Guitars (2007-2008), Vocals, Bass (2007-present)
C.S. - Guitars (2016-present)

Past members:
SBE - Guitars (2007-2012)
Mark Wild - Guitars (2012-2016)


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