Grey Heaven Fall

Grey Heaven Fall

Genre: Black/Death Metal
Origin: Russia
Status: Active

Grey Heaven Fall was formed in the city of Podolsk in 2006.

Having finally formed the staff by the beginning of 2007, the group gives its first concert in Moscow. For almost two years there had been written about 7-8 songs, some of which were removed from the program and have never been sung or recorded since that time.

In 2008 there came a decision to release a promo of two diverse tracks that later would be included in a full-length album in the rerecorded form.

In September 2011 they released their first album, but soon, due to the drastic change in the direction of the development of the group, its staff rapidly reduced by half. The vocalist, the second guitarist and the keyboard player left Grey Heaven Fall.

It was the musicians' free will, but, in general, it became a logical completion of the old cycle. The group moved on and finally moved into a new state for themselves.

In 2012 Grey Heaven Fall went to the studio again where they recorded two conceptual tracks, reflecting the period of transition of the group, was released in 2013, on Aesthetics Of Devastation.


Studio albums
- ...Grey Heaven Fall  (2011)
- Black Wisdom  (2015)

- Grey Heaven Fall  (2007)
- Серые небеса осени  (2008)

- The Original Seed of Decadence / Age of Aquarius  (2013)


Current members:
SunSay - Bass (2006-present)
Pavel - Drums (2006-present)
Arsagor - Guitars, Vocals (2006-present)

Past members:
Alexandr "Aldrad" Oreshin - Guitars (2006-2012)
Eazas - Vocals (2006-2012)
Bartz - Keyboards (2008-2009)
Sirian - Keyboards (2009-2011)

Grey Heaven Fall

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