Grey Skies Fallen

Grey Skies Fallen

Genre: Melodic Death/Progressive Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

Grey Skies Fallen traces its roots back to 1996. A demo called A Dark Serenade was released that year under the band name Eve Of Mourning. We changed the band name in February '97.

Our debut album, The Fate Of Angels was released in 1999 at the first March Metal Meltdown. The album was self-financed and released, but then picked up by small metal label Nightfall Records. It was the only album that original bassist Chris Montalbano appeared on. This is also the only album featuring Aaron Williams on drums.

2002 saw the release of our second album, Tomorrow's In Doubt. It was again self-financed. A small Canadian label called Maelstrom released a few copies of the album on CD. Joining the band were college friends of Rick's, Jimmy White on bass, and Sal Gregory on drums. This album was heavier, more in the melodic death style. The songs were longer and more epic in nature.

We released our third album, again self-financed and self-released, Two Way Mirror in 2006. This album is a total 180 degree turn in style from Tomorrow's In Doubt, and features more clean, mellow songs than before. The 23-minute documentary "The Making of Two Way Mirror" can be found on the original pressing of the CD, and is now up on YouTube. This was the first album to be recorded by Keith Moore, and also the last album featuring Jimmy White on bass.

A few months after the release of Two Way Mirror, we went into the studio and recorded "The Visionary" single, which was an online exclusive track. Mary Saragoussi played bass on this track.

The EP, Along Came Life was recorded and released in late-2010. The EP features Paul LaPlaca on bass, and is also the last recording with guitarist Joe D'angelo, a founding member.

Introspective, the new EP is now available for download on our site.

Spring 2013 brings new life to the band, as we welcome Joe Sanci (guitar), and Tom Anderer (bass) to the band.Writing for a new EP, the first witht e new lineup has begun, and we hope to record in the summer of 2013.


Studio albums
- The Fate of Angels  (1999)
- Tomorrow's in Doubt  (2002)
- Two Way Mirror  (2006)
- The Many Sides of Truth  (2014)

- Demo 1997  (1997)

- Along Came Life  (2010)
- Introspective  (2012)

- The Visionary  (2006)
- Earthwalker  (2015)


Current members:
Joe D'Angelo - Guitars (1997-1999, 2001-2003, 2005-2011, 2016-present)
Rick Habeeb - Vocals, Guitars (1997-present)
Sal Gregory - Drums (1999-present)
Tom Anderer - Bass (2013-present)

Past members:
Mary Saragoussi - Bass
Chris Montalbano - Bass (1997-1999)
Aaron Williams - Drums (1997-1998)
Craig Rossi - Keyboards (1997-2015)
Jimmy White - Bass (1999-2006)
Frank Cannino - Bass (1999)
Kevin Spinner - Guitars (1999)
Joe Sanci - Guitars (2002, 2013-2016)
Chris Molinari - Guitars (2003-2004)

Grey Skies Fallen

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