Genre: Blackened Death Metal (early), Black Metal (later)
Origin: Mexico
Status: Active

Death metal band Hacavitz was formed by several infamous Mexican musicians in 2003 following the demise of Ravager and issued a self-titled EP through Osmose in 2003. A single called Lusting The Dead Of The Night was issued in 2005.

The band signed to Moribund Records and issued a full-length in 2006. By this time, Antonio Nolasco had been replaced by Luis P. 2007's Katun was a two-man affair with Antimo and Oscar left standing. Eduardo had left the band in late 2006 after two releases and tours with the group.


Studio albums
- Venganza (2005)
- Katun (2007)
- Metztli Obscura (2010)
- Darkness Beyond (2015)

- Hacavitz (2004)
- Ojpanna (2012)

- Lusting the Dead of the Night (2005)

- Apocalyptik Blasphemy of the Revolutionists (2006)
- Rituals of the Night (2008)
- Hacavitz & Shit (2015)


Current members:
Ulises Sanchez - Bass
Cesar "Led" Sanchez - Drums
Ivan Ochoa - Guitars, Bass
Antimo Buonnano - Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Past members:
Antonio Nolasco - Bass
Oscar Garcia - Drums
Conspirator A (aka Prothesis) - Drums
Eduardo Guevara - Guitars
Diego - Bass (2013-?)


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