Genre: Melodic Death/Black Metal
Origin: Canada
Status: Active

Haiduk is the death metal solo-project by guitarist luka milojica. emerging from the cold forests of canada, the project arose with the release of the raw, bone-chilling 8-song demo “plagueswept” (2010).

Aggressive and dark, the sound of Haiduk is a direct channeling of haunting ideas from composer to listener, as the conceptualization, writing, and execution of the music is a solitary process. free from outside influence, the songs pull the listener toward themes of power, evil, magic and myth.

Forging ahead in solitude, Haiduk unleashed the full-length debut “spellbook” (2012); a black-magic conjuring of fast guitars and powerful riff attacks summoning an atmosphere of true darkness.

Invoking spells of demonic strength, Haiduk raised forces from the infernal depths, sealing arcane knowledge and ancient power into the “demonicon” (2015); a blackened tome of blasting distortion.


Studio albums
- Spellbook  (2012)
- Demonicon  (2015)

- Plagueswept  (2010)


Current members:
Luka Milojica -All instruments, Vocals


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