Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Death 'n' Roll
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

You could make a longer story shorter by telling that Max Thornell and Johan Liiva used to play together in a bunch of different bands between '84 and '94 (Furbowl, Devourment etc). In '94 Johan decided to leave their long time cooperation Furbowl (Those Shredded Dreams CD '92 / The Autumn Years CD '94). Then some time ago, when it was time for Max to put together a new constallation, Johan immediately came to his mind. As the two old friends hadn't been rocking together for 6 long years it sure was about time. Johan had at the time just quit with Arch Enemy and one phone call later he was ready to scream out his lungs again. Now there was a real need for a guitar player. An old colleague of Max named Mattias Ljung was asked to join the band. He hadn't actually played any metal licks and tricks for several years, which Max saw as a great advantage. "Hmmmthis man isn't deep down in the swamp of metal which means he'll probably look at the music a bit differently and hopefully give it some unexpected twists!".So there it was! The complete Hearse line-up! The band's first demo was sent around in a few copies to some magazines and some labels. Besides from some good reviews in the mags it also attained interest from Hammerheart Records. Soon a contract was signed and the band began recording 2 songs for a 7" single including the songs "Torch" and "Avalon". Shortly after the single recording the band began recording the debut album "Dominion Reptilian". This album saw the light of day in March of 2003. In the summer of 2003 Hearse started recording their second album titled "Armageddon Mon Amour". It was finally released in April 2004 on Karmageddon Media (ex. Hammerheart Records), this time also with a proper US release through Candlelight Records. How to describe the new album then? Well, taste this description from TheWeekInMetal.com: Dripping with classic metal hooks, arena rock strut, and deadly thrash riffs, and dragged through the dirt like chicken through breading by Johan Liivas gurgling death metal holler, Armageddon Mon Amour is equal parts funk and crust, Motorhead meets Discharge meets Entombed meets Spiritual Beggars in a grand orgy of hooks and swagger.


Studio albums
- Dominion Reptilian  (2002)
- Armageddon, Mon Amour  (2004)
- The Last Ordeal  (2005)
- In These Veins  (2006)
- Single Ticket to Paradise  (2009)

- Hearse  (2001)

- Torch  (2002)

- Cambodia  (2005)


Current members:
Max Thornell     Bass (session) (2001-present), Drums (2001-present), Guitars (rhythm) (session) (2001-present)
Mattias Ljung     Guitars (2001-present)

Past members:
Johan Liiva     Vocals (2001-?)


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