Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

Iconocaust is a 4-piece metal band from Denver, CO. They have released 4 CD’s on their own, working with Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino/ex-Machine Head) on the two latest discs (Judas Complex - ‘10, Excidium de Gratia EP - ’12). They are currently working on a 5th effort while touring in support of the new release. The band has toured on their own throughout the United States, and boasts a rapidly growing fanbase in all regions, including Europe and Latin America.


Studio albums
- The Natural Evolution of Metal  (2005)
- The Reckoning of Man  (2007)
- Judas Complex  (2009)

- Excidium De Gratia  (2012)
- The Hero and the Sacrifice  (2014)


Current members:
Jason White - Bass, Vocals
Chris Van Cleave - Drums
Brian Davis - Guitars
Galen Stevenson - Guitars, Vocals (2005-present)

Past members:
Layne Wells - Bass
Lisa Hamilton - Drums
Josh Bowen - Drums
Matt Markle - Guitars


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