Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

Impious was formed in 1994 by Valle Adzic and Martin Åkesson. Later that year Robin Sörqvist joined the band. After releasing two demos with session drummers, Impious finally found Ulf Johansson, their first permanent drummer. The band recorded another demo in 1997 which resulted in a deal with Black Sun Records. The band released two albums on Black Sun and did a short tour of Holland and Belgium. A couple of years later the contract was fulfilled and the band signed a deal with Dutch label Hammerheart Records. With a new line-up, IMPIOUS recorded and released the album "The Killer" and the MCD "The Deathsquad" on Hammerheart. That's when things started to happen for real. Impious toured Europe with Necrophobic and Satariel and proved to be an extremely powerful live act. One of the shows basically led to a contract offer from Metal Blade Records.

Damn right, Impious signed with Metal Blade and released the album "Hellucinate" in 2004 which lead to two European tours with Amon Amarth, several festival appearances in Europe and Japan, and one Japanese tour with The Black Dahlia Murder.

In the autumn of 2006 the band recorded "Holy Murder Masquerade" at Studio Deadline, which is owned by band member Valle Adzic


Studio albums
- Evilized  (1998)
- Terror Succeeds  (2000)
- The Killer  (2002)
- Hellucinate  (2004)
- Holy Murder Masquerade  (2007)
- Death Domination  (2009)

- Infernal Predomination  (1995)
- The Suffering  (1996)
- Promo '97  (1997)
- Promo '99  (1999)
- Promo '01  (2001)

- The Deathsquad  (2002)

- Fate of Norns Release Shows  (2004)

- Born to Suffer  (2004)


Current members:
Robin Sörqvist - Bass (1994-2000), Guitars (lead) (2000-present)
Valle Daniel Adžić - Guitars (1994-present)
Martin Åkesson - Vocals, Guitars (1994-2000), Vocals (2000-present)
Erik Peterson - Bass (2000-present)
Mikael Norén - Drums (2002-present)

Past members:
Ulf "Wolf" Johansson - Drums (1996-2002)


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