Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Origin: Belgium
Status: Split-up

In-Quest - Your guidance in subsonic collapse -
A postmodern, extreme metal act with a strong hypnotic touch.

"Our festival showed: heavy, thrash, black, folk, gothic, death and In-Quest!"
(quote from a Belgian metal support forum)
This quote proves that In-Quest is a band hard to describe and categorize. Being active more than ten years in the underground scene, the band gradually chose to leave it's praised cult Grind/Death status behind, taking a new path and evolving to a whole new level of musical maturity, lyric wise and imagery wise.

The one constant In-Quest have maintained during this musical challenge is the completely diverse sound that refuses to accept standard categorization. People have described it as an enlightened form of Death Metal, over Technical Metal up to Nu Metal. All put together, In-Quest manages to create a pounding vibe of modern, melodic energy while maintaining an intense level of technical creativity not easily found elsewhere.

The evidence of this can be heard on their fourth full length album The Comatose Quandries, without doubt their most mature and aggressive release to date. Being a true statement of renewed extreme music, this release shows experienced musicianship and the unique craft of blending music styles, combing furious blast beats, mechanical rhythms and catchy grooves. 11 New tracks prove that In-Quest have fine tuned their unique sound once more, resulting in chunky, pounding compositions spiced with aggressive breakdowns and their typical hypnotic, melodic touch.

The album also shows the band's new singer Mike Löfberg, whose diverse and powerful vocals blend in seamlessly with In-Quest's music, making it sound like a unit more than ever. Due to this and other new influences, In-Quest managed to somewhat break away from their traditional 'death' roots, crossing over to more mainstream genres in the vein of Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad and Meshuggah.

After a small successful tour with Fear Factory, a re-release of their previous album "Epileptic" and a lot of headlining shows in 2004 & 2005, the band's renowned stage presence and tightness recently opened the borders for even more foreign shows. With "Epileptic" and "The Comatose Quandaries", the band is ready to tour extensively.

In their home country, In-Quest soon played the Graspop Metal Meeting 2005, Belgium's most prestigeous metal festival. Short after, another European tour followed with American death metal legends Nile. Pushing their name abroad, In-Quest quickly got the foreign club circuit interested, resulting in more and more cooperation and shows abroad. To close their "Comatose Quandaries" chapter, In-Quest will do another small central EU tour in May, again with old friends Fear Factory. In the meanwhile the band has started working on a new album. But no date is set yet, since the band is in search for a serious record deal.


Latest release; "The Comatose Quandaries" out on Goodlife Recordings in cooperation with Dockyard 1 (GLR101/DY100052) Release; 23.05.2005

In-Quest is endorsed by ADAMS percussion,, In Tune Guitar Picks, Mayones Guitars, Wizz-art Tattoo Studios


Studio albums
- Extrusion : Battlehymns  (1997)
- Operation : Citadel  (1999)
- Epileptic  (2004)
- The Comatose Quandaries  (2005)
- Made Out of Negative Matter  (2009)
- Chapter IIX - The Odyssey of Eternity  (2013)

- Xylad Valox  (1995)

- Destination : Pyroclasm  (2003)
- The Liquidation Files  (2010)

- Neo-Pseudo Existence  (2013)

- Rewarded with Ingratitude / Infernal Hatred  (1995)

- CHRONIQLE  (2013)


Last known lineup:
Gert Monden - Drums (1994-2014)
Douglas Verhoeven - Guitars (1999-2014)
Miqe Löfberg - Vocals (2004-2014)
Korneel Lauwereins - Bass (2007-2010), Guitars (2010-2014)
Frederick Peeters - Bass (2010-2014)

Past members:
Jan Geenen - Bass (1994-1997), Guitars (1997-2006)
Wim Roelants - Guitars (1994-1999)
Laurent Swaan - Guitars (1994-1997)
N.G. (Noisegrinder) - Vocals (1994-2002)
Manu Van Tichelen - Bass (1997-2005)
Sven de Caluwé - Vocals (2002-2004)
Joël Decoster - Bass (2005-2007)
Valéry Bottin - Guitars (2006-2010)


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