Just Before Dawn

Just Before Dawn

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

The band was founded by Anders Biazzi (Amon Amarth , Blood Mortized) in the summer of 2012 , Rogga Johansson ( Paganizer,Revoling,The Grotesquery...) joined in some moths later. It was meant to be a 2 man Project Anders writing the music and Rogga doing the Screams and writing the lyrics.But sone after more and more got involved in the project , Jonas Lindblood (Puteraeon) Mr. Hitchcock (Zombiefication) Gustav Myrin (Blood Mortized) Dennis Johansson(Plästerd, Headstoned) Ralf Hauber(Revel in Flesh)and Tony Freed(Godhate).In September 2012 Just Before Dawn Signs whit Chaos Recordes for a 8 track CD and Vinyl! 7 great singers on 8 bloody trax! Music in the veins of Bolt Thrower and Hypocrisy and Asphyx!


Studio albums
- Precis innan gryningen  (2013)
- The Aftermath  (2014)

- The Dead and Those About to Die  (2015)
- The Ghosts of the Eastern Front  (2016)

- Counterbattery  (2014)
- Graves Without Crosses  (2015)

- On the History of Destruction  (2017)


Current members:
Anders Biazzi - Bass (2012-2017), Guitars (2012-present)
Brynjar Helgetun - Drums (2014-present)
Jonny Pettersson - Vocals (2014-present), Bass (2017-present)
Jon Rudin - Drums (2017-present)
Gustav Myrin - Guitars (2017-present)
Dave Ingram - Vocals (2017-present)

Just Before Dawn

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