Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Origin: Finland
Status: Active

KATAPLEXIA started out in late 2002,released 3 full length cds (Morgue's Reality 2003,Catastrophic Scenes 2005 and Supreme Autority 2008),gone trough some line up changes but now with a more firm line up than before, with the 3original members and new session drummer Timo Häkkinen(Sotajumala/Where Victims Lie).We had the privilege of playing in Sweden, Germany, Spain, Finland and sharing the stage with some of the best Death Metal bands around

Initially Kataplexia started as a brutal death metal project created by Rodrigo Fatality Artiga from El Salvador, Central America. The founder member Rodrigo Fatality had the idea of this project since the end of 2002. He started writing and creating all the sound lines and musical attacks alone, following the style of the classic metal which he has been playing throughout the years with his bands KABAK (ESA)/ DEEPRED (FIN), taking a big influence from his favorite death metal bands. In February of 2003, Rodrigo had the opportunity to record his ideas and choose a suitable name for the project. He recorded instrument by instrument on his own, at "The Course" studios with the enthusiastic support of underground death metal's engineer Jani Loikas, who also contributed to the recording with some psycho brutal guitar solos for three tracks. After the final mix by Jani Loikas and Rodrigo, the project was baptized KATAPLEXIA. Four months later SEVERE MUSIC FINLAND released "MORGUE'S REALITY".

MORGUE'S REALITY was produced by SEVERE MUSIC and Rodrigo Fatality. The album has been formatted on CD and includes 8 tracks of pure aggressive Death Metal, with plenty of smashing blast bits, contagious slow grinding riffs, and of course traditional low growls from Rodrigo fatality's guttural vocal chords. The music itself is reminiscent of classic American death metal acts such as Pyrexia, Internal Bleeding, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Dying fetus and the likes.

A few months down the line, despites Rodrigo's skepticism about the material, the underground metal community embraced the album with open arms. The response was so good Rodrigo decided to put up a band and play Kataplexia's material live and produce some merchandise for the fans.

Searching for the playing members:
Rodrigo had previously met many good musicians from Finland and other parts of the world, so was easy to find the members for the project band. He was able to ensemble a line up of Latin American death metallers with the scope of taking the band to the next level. He found in Mikael Da Costa (Bra) and Davi Moreira (Bra) common interest and connection to play KATAPLEXIA live.

The first gig of the band was in October 2003 with NECROTERIO (Bra) and SLUGATHOR (Fin) in Helsinki.
The band got some really good feedback and acceptation from the crowd, so offers where made to play in November at the "Gothenburg death fest 2003" splitting the stage with great bands like ROTTEN SOUND, DISAVOWED, DESPONDENCY, NECROTERIO, IMMERSED IN BLOOD, EMBEDDED, etc.

At the moment the project has formalized as a full time band and members were working on new material which promised to be far more aggressive, brutal, technical and faster than before.

After one year of intensive work, composing, recording new material and playing some gigs out of Finland, Kataplexia entered the studio to record the Second full length's material in August 2004.

Also we played the brutalism and unforgiving LUDWIGSHAFEN DEATH FEST 2004 in Germany at 23rd of October 2004 where Kataplexia shared the stage with bands like Beheaded, Inveracity, Caedere, Visceral Bleeding, Veneral Disease, Godless truth, etc.

November 2004, Kataplexia announced the signing of a new contract for Two Albums with XTREEM MUSIC from Spain ( Ex-REPULSE Records) Owned by the recognized Death metal's singer Dave Rotten (Avulsed, Christ Denied).

Second Album was released on Xtreem Music at January 2005, baptized under the title: "CATASTROPHIC SCENES" which contain 7 brutal and fast songs, plus 1 video clip. The influences are inspirited in bands such as Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse (Old), Pyrexia, Dying fetus, Pyaemia, Disavowed, Severe Torture and all US style brutal death metal's bands alike. The material was recorded in the same Studio
than first album "Morgue's reality". "Catastrophic Scenes" was supervised once again by Jani Loikas (FIN) who also recorded a sick guitar solo into the album.

March 2005. Right away after the show at Turku, Finland Mikael decided to leave the band and He moved to London. Therefore the band is forced to take a short brake and Search new members to continue the brutality.

Two new members were found in Eero (guitars) & Miikka (bass). The incorporation of new members is now giving to the band a better sound and attitude. This time Kataplexia is completely multi-cultural and
Members are coming from El Salvador, Brazil and Finland.


Studio albums
- Morgue's Reality  (2003)
- Catastrophic Scenes  (2005)
- Supreme Authority  (2008)

- Genetic Intervention  (2014)

Boxed Set
- Scenes of Supreme Reality  (2017)


Current members:
Davi Moreira - Guitars (2003-present)
Rodrigo "Fatality" Artiga - Vocals, Drums (2003-present)
Olli Wetterstrand - Bass (2017-present)

Past members:
Timo Häkkinen - Drums
Miikka Merikallio - Guitars, Bass (2005-?)
Mikael Da Costa Seppänen - Bass (2003-2005, 2007-?)
Eero Tertsunen - Guitars (session) (2005-?)
Perttu Kurttila - Drums (session) (2007-?)


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