Genre: Experimental Death Metal
Origin: Canada
Status: Active

Krokmiten is studio project owned by Death Metal Montrealer Simlev.

[pronounced croc-me-ten] Definition: Cajun phonetic spelling of the french word "croque-mitaine". A shapeless imaginary being used by adults to frighten children into behaving. Syn; Boogeyman, Bonhomme sept-heures, El ogro, El coco, Böögg, Monstret under sängen, Der schwarze Mann, Bicho Papão, Mörkö, Alploochra, Antchoutka, Bouloulou, Namahage...

Formed in 1991 as a full-fledge gigging band, Krokmiten was shelved by Simlev in 1995 and reactivated in 2005 as a studio project exclusively. At the helm of the project, composer Simlev works with carefully selected session musicians from album to album. Krokmiten specializes in conceptual and experimental one-track albums built from the ground up like a movie score or a classical piece.

Favoring a DIY approach and releasing music for free is part of Krokmiten's concept and ideology.


Studio albums
- Alpha-Beta (2011)
- Omicron-Omega (2014)
- HETA (2016)

- Can't Get Away (1992)
- Follow the Rain (1993)

- BWV565 Redux (2012)


Current members:
Simlev - Guitars (1991-1995), Guitars, Vocals (2005-present)
Guyot - Drums (2015-present)

Past members:
C. Ladouceur - Bass, Vocals
M. Paquette - Guitars
Mathz - Drums (1991-1995, 2005-2012)
Dubg - Guitars (2010-2013)
Lupiaan - Drums (2012-2015)


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