Lecherous Nocturne

Lecherous Nocturne

Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

"Since their debut in 1997, Lecherous Nocturne have pushed the boundaries of death metal to extreme limits and even crossed the threshold through the blackened spectrum, abolishing any limitations some may confine to most technical subgenres. Conventional song structures and solos are void in their songwriting, with only the drive of leaving a ferocious trail of technical viciousness in their wake. The strength of their self-titled E.P. landed the band a two album deal with Unique Leader Records, which was followed by a series of nationwide tours with the biggest names in the genre. After touring on “Behold Almighty Doctrine,” the group inked a deal with Willowtip Records and set sight on a 2016 release for “Occultaclysmic.” The band will return to the studio late spring to begin recording their 5th installment in the Lecherous Nocturne legacy."


Studio albums
- Adoration of the Blade  (2006)
- The Age of Miracles Has Passed  (2008)
- Behold Almighty Doctrine  (2013)

- Demo 2001  (2001)
- Promo 2002  (2002)

- Lecherous Nocturne  (2003)


Current members:
James O'Neal - Bass
Kreishloff - Guitars (1997-present)
Alex Lancia - Drums (2009-present)
Ethan Lane - Guitars (2009-present)
Josh Crouse - Vocals (2016-present)

Past members:
Fernando Ortega - Bass
Dirk Trujillo - Bass
Chad Walls - Drums
Dave Messer - Drums
Brett Bentley - Vocals
Clay Lytle - Drums (1997-2003)
Jason Hohenstein - Vocals (1997-2011)
Chris Lollis - Guitars, Vocals (backing) (1999-2009), Vocals (lead) (2012-2015)
Chad Bradley - Bass (2002-2003)
Joe Payne - Bass (2004-2005)
Dallas Toler-Wade - Drums (2004-2006)
Mike Poggione - Bass (2006-?)
Jeremy Nissenbaum - Drums (2006-2009)

Lecherous Nocturne

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