Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Belgium
Status: Active

MACABRA, a Belgian/American collaboration, was vomited forth in 2011 when Adrien “Liquifier” Weber (VOCIFERIAN, ALIENANTE DAMNATION, CONJÜRATOR, GOATHOLOCAUST, LÜGER, etc.) solicited notorious underground death metal illustrator, Mark Riddick (FETID ZOMBIE, GRAVE WAX, UNBURIED, EXCRESCENT, etc.), to conjure a band dedicated to straight-forward and uncompromising death metal in the old fashion. Riddick—a product of the early 90s death metal underground movement, and Weber—a product of the late 90s black/death metal scene have set ahead with their own brand of unique death metal with much attention to avant-garde and atmospheric nuances. In sum, MACABRA, with their raw sound and production, seek to emulate the spirit of the most underground and unrated bands of the 1990s demo days.


Studio albums
- Blood-Nurtured Nature (2012)
- the Bone (2016)

- Thy Entrails Rot (2011)
- Heavier Than Your Own Coffin (2012)

- In Quarantine with Death (2012)
- Macabra / Father Befouled (2013)
- Fragmented Self (2017)


Current members:
Mark Riddick - All instruments
Adrien "Liquifier" Weber - Vocals


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