Maniac Butcher

Maniac Butcher

Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Czech Republic
Status: Active

The Czech black metal band Maniac Butcher was formed in September of 1992 by the vocalist Barbarud. He had wanted to form a metal band with that name since 1988 but it wasn't until now that it became reality. In 1990-1991 he had another band called Cintoreen Moor. On December 23rd they did their first live show.

In April 1993 they replaced their original bass player Thomas with a new one named Jorg. In June they recorded their first demo called "Immortal Death". During the winder Maniac Butcher played several live shows and was the first Czech metal band to use war paint, at least according to themselves.

In August of 1994 they recorded their second demo "The Incapable Carrion" and before the year had ended they were also given the first offer to record a cd but it never led to anything.

In September of 1995 they released a split EP with Dark Storm through View Beyond Records. In November their debut cd "Barbarians" was released and during 1995 they also did 15 live shows. Unfortunately Jorg had to leave the band.

In May 1996 Lord Uncleans joined Maniac Butcher. In September their second album "Lucan - Antikrist" was released.

In March 1997 they recorded a tape "Live In Annaberg" after which their drummer Michael had to leave. In September came their third album entitled "Krvestreb".

In the spring of 1998 Lord Unclean left the band and there were now only two members left; Barbarud and Vlad. During the summer they recorded and released the fourth album "Cerna Krev".

In May of 1999 Butcher and Ramus joined as session members and in July they released a split cd with Inferno and Sezarbil called "Proti Vsem". In October came the fifth full length release as well entitled "Invaze" and the following month they released the live tape "Live In Open Hell" which had been recorded at the Open Hell Fest in the summer.

In March 2000 they re-released "Cerna Krev" on cd with three live bonus tracks under the name "Sangue Negro" through the Brazilian label Mega Therion Records. It also included a special booklet in Portuguese. In June Akhenaten of Judas Iscariot joined the band as a session member on bass. During the summer "Invaze" was re-released on mc in Malaysia and in December they released their final album called "Epitaph - The Last Onslaught Of Maniac Butcher", limited to 3000 copies on cd and 1000 copies on vinyl on Death To Mankind Records. After this the band stopped all musical activities. During the following years several re-releases of their material followed, both on vinyl and cd.


Studio albums
- Barbarians  (1995)
- Lučan-antikrist  (1996)
- Krvestřeb  (1997)
- Černá krev  (1998)
- Invaze  (1999)
- Epitaph - The Final Onslaught of Maniac Butcher  (2000)
- Masakr  (2010)

- Immortal Death  (1993)
- The Incapable Carrion  (1994)

- The Beast / Dva tisice let  (2006)
- Metal from Hell  (2012)

- Black Horns of Bohemia  (1995)
- Black Horns of Saaz  (1995)
- Metal from Hell / Chrám Nenávisti  (1999)
- Proti všem...  (1999)

- Dead but Live - '92-01  (2005)

- The Best Of / A Tribute to Maniac Butcher  (2002)
- Immortal Death / The Incapable Carrion  (2003)

Live Album
- Live in Annaberg  (1997)
- Live in Open Hell  (1999)
- Live in Germany  (2003)


Current members:
Barbarud Hrom - Vocals (1992-present)

Past members:
Butcher - Drums
Vlad Blasphemer - All instruments (1992-2015) (R.I.P. 2015)
Jorg - Bass, Guitars (1992-1995)
Michal - Drums (1992-1996)
Forgotten - Bass, Guitars (1995)
Lord Unclean - Bass, Guitars (1996)

Maniac Butcher

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